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Back to Tired Again

I wish it was possible to determine exactly why I don't get a good sleep from time to time. When I finally went to bed last night, I was actually quite tired (up to and including that heaviness in my chest), had just showered, so I was still all nice and clean and dry, was in a good mood from having gone to hang out with Squeeze and Evo, as well as from a good laugh over sending Evo a squirrel in Skype (it makes sense in context, and for what it's worth, Squeeze encouraged me to, so she could see his reaction~), but then I laid down, and so far as I can tell, never really actually got into restful sleep. I slept from ~7:30 'til ~3:30, which is a full eight hours, but I still feel tired in spite of that, and the only possible reason I can come up with is that there was too much on my mind. Most of it is related to not having replied to Dan again yet, because I did read his reply when I got home from work yesterday, but it's frustrating. Not only am I slightly thrown off by being done early yesterday instead of Saturday (on the way home, it really felt like "tomorrow" - after I went to bed and woke up again - would be Sunday), but I'm more tired than I should be, and have a full 7~8 hour shift ahead of me. Fun. I suppose I should be glad that I at least took care of my extra cleaning yesterday...

Not five minutes after I walked in, Laura came back to tell me that Mary wanted to know if I would stay 'til 1 to do some extra cleaning - the hoods, and wall behind the fryers / other equipment, specifically. I agreed, because I didn't think it would be a big deal to stay that extra hour, but while I was changing into my uniform, started to think about how it would go if Manoah was alright with orders on his own, so I could take care of that cleaning early. I went up front, and asked him what I would be on instead of just presuming, at which everything else I had been planning went right out the window, when he said Tom would be on line between 8 and midnight, as a result of requesting as much from Manoah on Thursday. I fussed, saying that I didn't think one hour would be enough to do all the cleaning assigned to me, and we compromised, to the effect of that I would do drive through until 11, then Tom would take over, and I'd have two hours to clean. Then Tom came in, and apparently Manoah told him I didn't want to be on drive through or something and there was a bit of an issue about that, but I did it until 11:00 anyway. After that, I set about cleaning, and pretty much proved my concerns valid, not finishing what had been asked of me until ~12:45. It would've been alot faster if I didn't have to wash all the parts of the hoods, which took at least 45 minutes on its own, but everything got done, and I left a little before 1. From there, I went home, checked with Squeeze as to whether or not she was in the mood for company again, and by ~2:00 was on my way over there. It was kind of a rushed walk, because I wanted to see if I could make it there before Evo, who was also on his way over, and as it turned out, I beat him quite handily, making it there before he'd even left. Apparently Totts was too tired to go anywhere, so it was just the three of us, but we had a pretty good time in spite of that. Squeeze and I mostly just played Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 - I discovered that I'd left the first one in her Wii, to which she said she wished she'd known sooner, because she started wishing she'd asked to borrow it before I left - and I ended up going home before Evo for once, then had a shower and such else, as noted above.

I highly doubt anything of the sort will be happening tonight - at absolute best, I'd have all of an hour there, but what I should really be concerned about is work. I can bring an energy drink, and will, at that, but fatigue will probably be a problem all the same (at least until ~2:30), so... yeah. I also told Tom last night that I'd try to figure out how much a chocolate chip cheesecake pie would be, because he was asking about it before, so I should try to think of the ingredients on the way there or something. $20? $25? I'm not sure, but I don't have the time to wonder about that. Here's hoping for a good night, and that I can remain reasonably awake until I get home. Anything I have to do here can wait until tomorrow, but I have to get work out of the way first...

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