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Busy Night

Chris called at 8, wanting to know if I could come in early. Told him 8:30, and when we pulled in, there were at least 15 people hanging around outside the door. At first I was thinking "They can't possibly all be waiting to be served", but sure enough, went inside, and saw oh so many more people in line. First thing I did though (after clocking in) was did up a pan of tostadas for Ange, since they were all out, then I took over steaming for her, because, in her words "I need to go pee, and out to have a smoke" :s

So I did that, for how long, I can't remember, but thankfully the orders were fairly small. As well, Steve was doing backups at the time, so I just told him to bag up some pans, and whenever I needed something up on line, to bag it up first, then bring it up, to save me some time later. After that rush was over with, the real fun started. Three family packs on my boards at once :o I asked Mark if he could help though, and he did, thankfully :p

The rest of the night (from about 11 on) was pretty much dead, although probably 10 people total came through. John was one of them, and after making his order, he asked me if I wanted a ride home. Told him "Sure" and that he could probably come around quarter to 3. Sure enough, a couple minutes after Mark set the alarm, he pulled in, and we were off.

Another friend of his, Kelly, was there as well, so the three of us went to Tim Hortons, to John's house, where he showed me around, then out to Walmart, then back through Taco Bell's drive through, out by the wheels, and then finally back to drop me off :3 Really no reason for all the traveling, but it was fun. Just to be able to say "Hey, I don't have to be home right away, so why not?" We also stopped off to get gas at the place across from the Wheels, where John also mentioned something about Kelly thinking about coming with us to London for a furmeet. She was curious as to what exactly went on, so I told her what happened at the one I went to, then John started going on some random rant about "I want the comics! I want the yiff!" or somesuch :s I was gonna tell him "You can find the comics online", but he probably wouldn't like the stuff I have~ How to say... I like Zen's art, among others. I don't think he would :3

Oh, and while I just thought of it, stupid thing involving work. On next week's schedule, I wrote "No" under my Saturday, so they couldn't call me in. I looked at it tonight, and found that someone had whited it out :o So I wrote "No" again, then beside it, in tiny letters "Don't erase plz". We'll see how that works.

But yeah. Got to talking to John on MSN as well an hour or so after he dropped me off, and he asked me if I wanted to hang out with him and Kelly again later on today, and I said sure, just so long as I was back by 7 to get ready for work (I need to shave, for one thing :s), so that's something to look forward to.

Although right now, I'm looking at less than 5 hours of sleep if I'm going to be up in time, so I think I should get to sleep.

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