Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now is the Best Time

I feel like I should get on with my plans for this afternoon as soon as possible - at 5, in this case - but if I don't write this now, I'm liable to just throw something together in a rush later, and end up being displeased with it as a result. There's no guarantee that anything will be going on later tonight, but I already told Squeeze that I have the night off, so I'll very likely ask if she's up for doing something again, as last night was once again pretty enjoyable. I didn't get home from work until 1:30, and when I asked if she was up for company, she said yes, adding that Totts and Evo were already on their way, or at least should be, but told her they'd call when they were on their way. "Alright", I thought. "That means they'll likely beat me there, but I can live with that". Off I went to 7-11 for some pop, candies, and a bowl of yogurt and granola (a new item, apparently), which I figured would put me even more behind them, and then I headed straight to the apartment. I got there with a good ten minutes to spare, surprising even Squeeze. From there, it was more or less a typical night - Totts fell asleep within an hour of getting there, we all listened to / watched the first couple episodes of Fawlty Towers again, and I played Super Mario Galaxy 2 for a bit, which I discovered I accidentally left there as well. I know I have it (both the box and game disc) in my backpack this time, but I seem to be doing well for those sorts of things...

At any rate, before she fell asleep, Totts was talking about / randomly mentioning various things, and one stood out as especially interesting. Her birthday is coming up (I didn't ask exactly when), and "since there are four of us now", followed by something about how they spent too much money when they went out for supper last time. Interesting, isn't it? I would consider Squeeze and I to be friends, because we've talked quite a bit, but when it comes to Totts and Evo, I know them, but don't really know them. I'm already to the point of being able to use sarcastic humor without worrying too much about offending them (among others, Evo was telling a story of how he was so tired he was starting to hallucinate, and accidentally spilled a cup of pop on the floor, so I asked at what point he had hallucinated a fire on the floor), but at no point did I consider that I would be automatically included in such events, and considerations for them. Along similar lines, when she goes to get groceries this week, Squeeze is buying everything she needs to make lasagna, and at some point after the weekend, we will be having lasagna night. I wanted to tell her having it on Tuesday would work better for me, because I wouldn't have to work then at all, but didn't want to say anything because it didn't feel like my place to say. I did after coming home yesterday though, and within ten minutes, had agreed that it would be on Tuesday, since I'm the only one in "the group" that has a job, therefore, their decision stands to impact me the most. There are other reasons in this case, yes, but once again, it's really interesting to notice what comes from just knowing people. I could also say something roughly similar about a bracelet Squeeze made for me - two, as of last night, because she gave me a rainbow one after I finally said I liked it - because she already said she'll make me however many more I want, but I can't think of much to say about it other than that. She made herself one with white, blue, and black string last night, that she tied around her ankle and secured somewhat permanently. I kind of want to do that myself, because the ones on my arms get taken off at work, but I haven't decided yet, I think if I go over there tonight again, I will ask her to show me how she braided the ends of hers, but we'll see then, if and when.

Otherwise for now, I need to get ready to head out. Altogether, I want to go to the bank, then the train station, then Dollarama, followed by back home to wash dishes, have a shower, and then see what time it is afterward. At very least, I'll have a full afternoon, but it's about time I got on with certain things, and I'd rather not sit here all day again anyway. Hopefully I'm back by 7~

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