Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Second Attempt Works Better

I tried to write about things in here last night. Really. I was even awake until 8am for some reason, but the moment I opened the journal update page and said something, fatigue started to set in, and I was unable to finish even one paragraph. I think I made the best of being awake for those extra couple hours anyway, but it was slightly exasperating. As things stand now though, I'm well on my way to being late leaving for work again, so I should try to think of what else I wanted to write about.

For one, I'm looking forward to things after work tonight. On one hand, Squeeze might end up being in the mood for company again, and on the other, if she isn't, I'll still have enough to keep me busy for an hour or two. Unless I made a big oversight, I finished downloading the rest of the episodes of that new TV series this afternoon, so all that remains to be done with them now is converting them to XviD / MP3 AVI files, and properly renaming them. I should easily have that finished by this time tomorrow, but taking care of everything before then would be better, because I still have a fair bit of music to go through, as well as a couple people to get back to about different things, and all of those other items from my list. What ever happened to working on Picross 2? I'd like to have some reason to back up my folder of that stuff again at the end of this month, but there's little point if there's nothing new in it. Originally, I started those just to have something to keep me busy, but I haven't had a problem with that recently, so... should I just abandon it? Probably not, because there will surely be time in the future where I need those sorts of things to do again, but I should at least get it off my desktop.

Anything else aside though, I should get ready to leave for work now. Closing with Laura last night actually went pretty well, so I'm looking forward to tonight and tomorrow, but I can into certain complications with a pipe attached to the dish sink while doing some extra cleaning last night, and I have certain doubts that anybody throughout the rest of the day will have cared enough to do anything about it. I'll find out in a bit though. Just need to get there first~

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