Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Little Bit of Drama

As mentioned at the end of my entry yesterday, before I left work on Saturday, I wrote a note to Manoah to explain the problem I had encountered with the pipe, in hopes that he would heed my advice, and at least see that the pan underneath of it was emptied on a regular basis. When I went in last night, however, I found it nearly overflowing, and upon expressing my frustration to Patience, she explained something that makes it all the better. The two of them opened, and upon reading my note, he apparently asked "What does he expect me to do about it?", and presumably threw both it and the pieces of piping away, because neither Laura nor I could find them again. Meanwhile, he went and wrote several new, decidedly aggressive notes about rules not being followed on the heated cabinets, and to top it all off, did something Tryphena only told me of a little later. He removed the hand sanitizer from the dispenser at the back, so people would have to actually wash their hands with soap and water, instead of just sanitizing them before going up to make food. Brilliant move, Manoah. Because the one thing the auditors will understand is your reasoning in removing something that's supposed to be used in addition to soap and water. I filled the dispenser again, which is what led Tryphena to telling me about it, and as I told Squeeze after I told her the same story last night, I invite whatever note he may have left for me about it today. Everybody's on edge because there's a surprise audit
coming, but to put it bluntly, there's no need to be stupid.

In other news, I think I've had a pretty productive afternoon. Sleeping until almost 4pm again was unplanned, and I'm slightly more tired than I'd like to be as a result, but still, I asked for a ride out to Shoppers to pick up a package for which the delivery slip was left back on Friday (I didn't realize the post office was still open on Saturday), to Sobeys for garlic bread and a fruit and yogurt bowl for later tonight, and finally to Canadian Tire for shoe glue. Technically Shoe Goo, as the package refers to it, but I'm not about to let the fact that the front of the heel on one my shoes is coming loose force me to buy a new pair. I presume it's come loose from almost always walking along the train tracks to / from Squeeze's place, so I can either stop doing that, or try to keep to flatter areas, but either way, I just don't have the money to buy a new pair right now, especially not when I've had these ones for only about half a year. Back to where I was going though, after that running around, I came home and cleaned my room up a fair bit, and now, I'm just waiting to go to work, which I'm looking forward to for several reasons. For one, I have tomorrow off. For two, I'm back to preferring to close with Laura for the moment, because closing with her tends to go faster than closing with James, and for three, I already have plans for after work tonight. As I foresee them going now, just before we leave, I'll call Squeeze to let her know that I'm done work, and am about to be on my way home. That way, she can do whatever she needs to do to get ready at the same time I'm walking home, and instead of having to check with her as I normally would upon getting there, I can just pack my laptop up, and head straight over. At the same time, once she finishes with other preparations, she can put the lasagna she's making into the oven, and I'll still arrive there with at least ten minutes to spare. That's also why I bought garlic bread - I wanted to contribute something, and she said garlic bread would be nice - but I'm looking forward to that. Along the same lines, at some point before yesterday evening, I told her I'd probably ask if she was up for company after work yesterday, which I did as soon as I got home. No reply for nearly an hour, so I assumed she was sleeping, and went about other business, but later, at ~4:30am, I finally got a message from her to say that she had indeed fallen asleep, which sucked because she was "actually looking forward to having [me] over". That's just how it goes, I suppose, and I still made the most of my time, but in a way, that's another reason I'm glad to know we'll be doing something later tonight.

Per usual again now though, I need to get ready for work, starting with writing down her phone number so I have it later. Everything else is in order, but that's the one thing I haven't done...

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