Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Need Another Hour

This is the week where not getting enough sleep will finally start to catch up with me. I went to bed at ~7 this morning, and slept until 2 in the afternoon, and I just feel... not exhausted, but certainly like I wouldn't mind at least another hour to lay down and go back to sleep for. That isn't possible today though, because in less than an hour, we will be heading out to get groceries, because for some reason, I still insisted on going today. Then I get to come home, and very likely ask for a ride right back to work, so I'm there on time, and have a nice six hour shift, which could be alright, but could also be quite difficult. After that, it's hard to say what might happen. I'll probably be more awake by then, so it wouldn't be such a big deal to stay awake for the entire night again, but if I feel as I do now later, I'll probably give myself an hour or two to tend to anything requiring my attention, and go straight to bed. I have tomorrow off as well, right? Maybe I'll just sleep for the entire day.

As for things not concerning how alert I feel though, I'm a little disappointed with myself in general. As I might have mentioned before, Adam arrived back at home yesterday, and as such, we went out to Swiss Chalet for supper. Immediately following that, Mom and I went out to Walmart, where I should've spent no more than $10 on string (or so I assumed then). $45.01 later, and I walked out with a nice new blue pillow, a dark purple / light pink blanket, and five individual "packages" of string, in dark gray, light gray, dark blue, light blue, and light green. The idea is that I'd eventually like Squeeze to make me a bracelet out of the two grays, the dark blue, and white to be put around my ankle, but she's a bit busy with end-of-the-month work and other various chores right now, so come February, I'll push to have that by the 12th. I'm already thinking it would be cool to go over there on the 10th to hang out one last time before I go away, then maybe stop by for an actual quick "I'll see you in a week" on the way to the train station after work on Monday, so here's hoping both of those end up happening. I went over there last night as well, and all but stole Butters from her, which was kind of amusing. Apparently she doesn't normally cuddle with other people for too long, but she was in my lap for a good ten minutes at a time, at least. On that note though, if I end this here, I'll have about ten minutes to quickly put my room in order again, so let's try to do that. It doesn't take long to clutter up again, but cleaning shouldn't take too much longer~

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