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The Lengths I Go To...

Going by what I told Mom as I was getting in the car for a ride to work yesterday, we should be out at Staples and Canadian Tire right now. Instead, however, I've been sitting here all afternoon procrastinating about things. I woke up about two hours earlier than I should've which definitely isn't helping matters any, but if sleep was such a concern, I could've just laid right back down after determining that the mail I was sure would arrive was in fact not delivered yet. Instead, though, I'll just have an interesting night at work. Yesterday was fine up until it started snowing, but then I got all excited and anxious, and was pretty unpleasant with the customers because I felt they should stay at home and enjoy the snow, instead of just having to come get fast food. Yeah. I still had a nice walk home though, in all the new-fallen snow and freezing rain, but it's gone and warmed up again today, meaning if there's any snow still left out there, it's all half-melted, and the magic has gone out of it. I suppose I should take things for what they are, because I'd rather have weather of this sort while I'm away in Toronto, but it just didn't last for long enough.

In mostly unrelated news, last night after work was pretty interesting. At first, I planned to just go about things as normal - microwave my supper, sit down to relax for a bit and talk to Squeeze, then get to work retagging the rest of that music - but feeling that the conversation was leading to the point where I would say "I can't think of anything else to say right now, so I'm going to go work on these other things", I asked Squeeze how her day had been. The end of the month is approaching pretty quickly, and she still has an apartment to put in order and English work to complete, so I hoped she'd been able to get some of each done, but that turned out to not be the case. We actually ended up talking for a good several hours, and right near where it started to taper off, this happened:

Karadur: Then why should being alone in the meantime bother you? If you've accepted that you're just going to wait for the right person to come to you, you've effectively also accepted that you're going to be on your own until then, if and when
Squeeze: Smartass~
Squeeze: :P
Karadur: I'm being serious, but alright
Squeeze: I know..
Squeeze: (Okay, I feel reallllllly bad for calling you a smartass now x.x)
Karadur: Sorry, but I laughed at that <3
Karadur: It did catch me by surprise, but no worries~
Squeeze: (The 'smartass' was completely sarcasm...)
Squeeze: I feel so bad D:
Karadur: *shrug* can you see my point though?
Squeeze: -nods-
Karadur: You can continue to feel bad. If I feel it necessary, next time I'm over, I'll take that little pencil back, and we'll call it even <3
Squeeze: Nooooo not my pencil<3
Squeeze: Seriously I am sorry~
Karadur: I honestly didn't take any offense to it, but no worries / I forgive you, if that helps
Squeeze: Thanks~
Karadur: You're welcome (which doesn't sound right in this context, but we'll go with it)~
Squeeze: I know it might be getting old.. but thanks for being my friend..
Squeeze: Actually..
Squeeze: I said this to one of my online friends the other day..
Squeeze: So I might as well tell you as well.
Karadur: Hmm?
Squeeze: I pretty much consider you my best friend~
Karadur: ...I'm not sure what to say to that other than thanks. That really means alot <3
Squeeze: -nods-
Karadur: More or less the same here. I want to say "Thanks for being my friend as well", but that wouldn't have quite the meaning it could...
Squeeze: Ya know what.. take away the 'pretty much' I do consider you my best friend.
Karadur: *shrug* it's 6:30. I'll give myself a break <3

The last thing I said was in reference to feeling that my statement before that didn't sound exactly right, but otherwise... yeah. I really don't know what to say that wouldn't sound shallow, but I like that. I like being liked for doing something that I like to do, if that repetition makes any sense. Unfortunately, it sounds like Mom just got back, so if I at least want to go out to Staples before work, I'd better ask now, meaning this is done here. Perhaps I'll write more later, but chances are I'll just go back to working on things once I get home. We'll see then~

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