Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

At Least I'm Not Tired

What can be said of today? It had to be 8am by the time I finally fell asleep, because I started feeling ill around 7, and from there, I slept 'til 4:30, and still have a dull headache in spite of it. At this point, between that and looking forward to going to work tonight and starting on things there, I'd suspect something is still amiss with the outstanding pieces of work I have to complete. Tomorrow is supposed to be my monthly backups day though, and I told Squeeze earlier this morning that I'd almost certainly ask if she was up for company when I got home from work tonight, so when will I get to the things I still haven't done? Sometime between the two, I suppose. I have taken care of about half of one of the items from that list, which is a start, but two of the others comprise something relatively important that I'd like to have sorted out before I go to Toronto. I really need tomorrow to be here, so I can go through everything and make as many mental notes as I need to about what should be completed first, and what can be set aside until the day comes where I've finally taken care of everything else.

That aside, I find (somewhat obviously) that I'm most looking forward to things to come tonight. For one, I really want to go to work and get a look at my pay stub. I've decided I'll give Mom and Dad their $220 this pay, since I won't be here next time we get paid, and that, along with several other expenses, comprises a little over half of what I expect to make. I'll have some $55 to pay off on my credit card from the charge for the internet, $21 to send to somebody via Paypal for an auction I won on Furbuy, at least $30 toward snacks, $60 at most toward groceries for February (as well as some juice for here in the meantime), and... yeah. It's really fun. Last week, I ordered $~25 worth of food from Little Caesars, with a $5 tip because I had it delivered. Two nights ago, I did almost the same thing with Pizza Tonite, which is $60 in unnecessary food just there. After that comes the near $100 I spent at Walmart between two visits there, and just... it needs to stop. I know the main reason I wasn't feeling well yesterday was because of my food from Pizza Tonite, which is another reason. Too much fried food is just bad, I suppose, but all the same, it's nice getting a treat from there every so often. I'll just have to keep it smaller in the future. Otherwise though, if I want to have a couple minutes extra when I get to work, I should leave now. Hopefully it's not too busy, and hopefully Squeeze is up for doing something when I get home, because I got a commission-related piece of mail today that I'd like to show her, but I'll see about that later. I don't want to go the whole night hoping she'll say yes, because that would just ruin things...

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