Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Think I Can~

I knew this would happen. It's quarter to 8 right now, and in spite of really feeling ready to sit down and write a proper entry before I went to sleep, I now feel like I'd rather leave this until tomorrow afternoon, quite possibly before I leave for work again. It's not like I have a busy day ahead of me, right? Finishing backups, leaving for work early to go to the bank first, and then working a full shift isn't alot, is it? I wish I could say that, but even though I got a decent start into backing things up tonight, I still have my Vita to go through, along with everything else on my desktop. If I had the night to do over again, I still would've chosen to go hang out with Squeeze, Totts, and Evo, because I was working on a spelling quiz for Squeeze over the past couple days, and it wouldn't have been the same to just send it to her over Skype, and not be able to see / film her reaction. Apart from that though, it was a rather odd night. Totts and Evo left around 1, when normally they stay until after I leave, but Squeeze and I made the best of having the rest of the time to ourselves, doing such things as watching Whose Line is it Anyway, listening to music, playing Wii Sports, and in my case, watching her make a new bracelet with colors I'd selected to be tied around my leg. Fun altogether, but I only wish I could say the same about how I probably won't get to sleep until 8:30, if not later.

On a somewhat related note, last time I was over there (on Tuesday), she said something kind of interesting as I was packing up to go home. She can't think of how she'd do it, but she wants to draw a picture of a snow leopard and "Squeeze" (in quotes only because I still can't reconcile her and her fursona being the same) playing Smash Bros.. I like that idea, but for two reasons instead of one. First, it would just be a nice, meaningful picture, and secondly, it shows that she has at least a working understanding of how I feel about those things nowadays. Maybe that's what she was trying to draw when she crumpled up a piece of paper she had been doodling on. I like the idea, but she already said before that she wants to get better at drawing real (nonanthropomorphic) animals anyway, so that's probably why.

Unfortunately, I find myself quickly slipping past the point of being able to keep my eyes open now. I just had what felt like ten minutes of either trying to hold them open or distracting myself with other things, so I should I just go to bed? Probably, but I wish I could think of one or two more things to say. There have been new developments at work recently that I imagine will make tomorrow night interesting, but more than anything, I just have a feeling Tom will end up obsessing over them. He was in on Wednesday night doing the same thing, and I actually had to ask Laura if she'd give out the order I was waiting for when it was finished, so I could go continue working on dishes and be removed from that. It isn't that I'm not concerned, but I see no point to being overly concerned when I haven't only heard of things second-hand. Things might still go by relatively unchanged, but another caveat of the developments is that the person who was selected has to help Mary make the schedule from now on, which is... fun. Again, I'm trying not to be concerned yet, but part of me wonders if I shouldn't be...

I think that's enough for tonight though. At first, I saw writing this now as a way to be prepared for going right back to backups tomorrow, but at the rate things are going, I'll be asleep until at least 4. I do have one last energy drink I could bring to work though, so that's good. I just really don't want to have to still be working on things on the 2nd, but I'll worry about that then. All I want now is sleep, and the only other thing I have to do for that is turning on my fan~

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