Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

A Pattern is Emerging

I should probably feel more distressed about such late starts to the day, but not having immediate plans seems to help quite a bit. Before I left for work yesterday, I told Squeeze that if the circumstances were favorable (getting home at a reasonable time, her having finished enough of her work to feel deserving of a break, and wanting company, in particular), I'd like to go hang out with her again, to hopefully sweep away a majority of the remnants of what went on before. It was a weird night at work though, so I didn't get home until ~1:30, and she seemed to be asleep by that time anyway, so I assumed I'd end up calling it a night early. I ended up going to have a shower around 2:30, went back and forth trying to decide what I should have to eat (if anything), until almost 4, and then started on a new bracelet sort of thing for myself. It's fun how the hours can just slip by while working on those. I had season 3 of Pokemon playing in the background, and many other thoughts to keep my mind busy, but two hours passed before it felt like even one had gone by, and before I knew it, I was looking over at my laptop screen as Squeeze was writing me a message to say that yes, she had fallen asleep. I talked to her for a bit, and left Dan a message in Skype to say that I think I've switched completely to that from Instantbird, and once again, before I knew it, the time was suddenly 9am. I finally said goodnight to her at ~9:15, and then was awake for at least half an hour longer after that. Fun, isn't it? I slept until 4:30 today, but for once I just don't care. I didn't have to be anywhere earlier, and I don't have to worry about being off to work at a specific time tonight, so... *shrug* I'm not so keen on the idea of the same thing happening this morning, because I still kind of want to go grocery shopping tomorrow, but I'll see what happens later.

Apart from that, I figured I'd compromise on what I said about cookies yesterday, and at least go out to get groceries for them. I still think I only need to go to Dollarama, but I figure at the same time, I might as well ask to go over to Sobeys to look for a certain type of cookie dough, and out to Value Village as well, for a new pair of boxer shorts, and maybe a new shirt or two. Seems like it should be a productive evening all in all, but that's why I'm writing this now - if I don't, I'll procrastinate about it later, and end up writing a couple quick sentences about the state of things. I'd still like to find some way of being comfortable with that, but there's a difference between writing a short entry because that's all I want to write, and writing a short entry because I haven't left myself with enough time to write a longer one. I know I say that on a regular basis, but it's something I seem to keep coming back to. At any rate, I also need to talk to Dan sooner or later, because I figured (as he might have already) that one of the reasons the quote I was given for a room in the convention centre here was so high is because they have a policy of all food and drink for any events held there being theirs. Is it worth that hassle? Maybe, but I can't picture paying 80% of what I make every two weeks to not be allowed to provide snacks and drinks of our own. I asked Adam if he could say when Trish and Ericka might be here next, to gauge the likelihood of being able to use our living room / back yard for such a meet, but he figured they'd be here around Easter, which is exactly when Dan would be around as we're planning things so far as well. Maybe - maybe - those plans should be pushed up a bit closer to summertime, so we could have nicer conditions for a party here, and give us more time to plan. Have I run that thought by Dan yet? No. I will eventually, but it's on my list of things to do today, right after going out to the places stated above.

As for work last night, apart from James being a little slower than Laura, it was just interesting. As he was mopping the floor, he bumped the drain lever for one of the fryers, so oil spilled out, giving him quite a mess to clean up, then I was slightly behind at the end of the night by having something to eat, as well as from him not giving me any of the extra dishes Laura usually does, but we were still out before 1, and that's really all that matters. I kind of wish I was closing with Laura instead of him on Wednesday, but once again, oh well to that, because it's my last close until I go away. I don't know why I'm suddenly on supper shifts again, but aside from having to wake up earlier than I did today, that's nothing I can't get by with. It might even give me more time for certain plans on Monday, but that's all I say of those for now. I should go ask Mom when we can leave, since it's 5:30. Maybe she'll even say "right away". That would certainly work for me~

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