Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Same Pattern as Before

When all I can say of the past evening / night is that I fell asleep early, and got worked up about a bunch of things when I woke up again, I think it would be advisable to consider just leaving this be, and trying to make the best of my night at work. It's not that anything really went wrong, and I even talked to Dan for a bit, which was nice, but I'm getting too narrowly focused again, and that's never a good thing. Plans for yesterday night didn't turn out as I thought they would originally, because the person I was supposed to go hang out with (guess) was too tired. That's not something that can really be helped, I realize, and I'd rather have things turn out that way than with me going over there again in spite of them not being completely up to it, but you know how my mind starts to wander when I suddenly have free time, and nothing planned to do with it. I thought about isolating myself from everything again until I went away - entries here, Skype, emails - the whole bit, really - as a way of saying "I've had it with everything", but I'd still like to do something after work on Monday, and even asked Mom if I could get picked up at work then, so as to waste no time. As such, if I did just quietly leave, 90% of the train ride and following day or two would probably be filled with regrets of missing my opportunity.

Suffice it to say, it's been a nice afternoon (I even told Naomi she could go grocery shopping in my place, thus missing my chance to go to Walmart for more string), but at least I've taken care of a few other things. This entry won't be one of them though, because it's already 7:20. Where does the time go?

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