Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Getting Used to This

At least for the time being, ~4:30 seems to be becoming the new 2pm. I can't remember when I woke up yesterday, but assuming it was sometime around then, that's three days in a row. The schedule for tomorrow is such that I work only 8 - midnight (unless it's busy, and I get called in early), so I shouldn't have to worry about sleeping in, but what's going happen on the one or more shifts I have where I start at 5 coming up? Why, on Monday, the day before I leave, I work 5-11. I may try to work something out to wake up at 1pm again, like I did back at the end of October, but at the rate things have been going, the alarm would go off, and my body would say "No, it's too early. Can we try for another hour?"

Needless to say, things did go somewhat more as planned last night, and I'm especially pleased with how closing with James went this time. For one thing, he didn't spill oil on the floor a second time, and for two, with a bit of guidance (me telling him what to do, more or less), we were out of there by ~12:30, instead of 1:00. He said he had to go to the bank afterward, so I ended up walking home on my own, and as previously stated (to her, anyway), sent Squeeze a message to let her know I was home, and to ask if she was still up for company. She was, but wasn't ready right away, having expected me to not get home until ~1:30 again, so while she was off doing things there, I used my time to finally change my garbage and recyclable bags, as well as to fill up four of my five water bottles, and generally tidy things up again. It may seem a bit obvious, but it's remarkable what a bit of effort can do. I even ended up taking my last box of Kraft Dinner and remaining six hot dogs over there (instead of going to 7-11), so we shared that for supper, and gave Butters about eight pieces of hot dog. That part was pretty fun, because it's the first time I've ever done that, and was something different than going into her room and immediately settling down to games or bracelet making or whatever.

Apart from that though, the rest of the night was pretty nice. I ended up not leaving until 7 again, but the walk home was still nice (it felt warmer than on the way there), and there was just something pleasing about seeing new-fallen snow on the sidewalk. Per usual, we continued to talk for a bit when I turned my laptop on and signed into Skype again, during which she apparently got a good laugh out of me referring to her as "great master of the tub" (it makes sense in context), and otherwise, it was just fun. When I first went there, I thought for sure that I'd end up having to say a couple things about the topic I was having more issues with before, but either I just couldn't find the right time yesterday, or I genuinely needed that being there in person to remind me that there were many other things we could do. The issue on a whole is still something I feel I need to find a way to accept and move on from, in a way that it doesn't bother me to hear about or see, but I haven't really looked into that yet. What I did do yesterday was made a thick keychain for myself with the same colors of the bracelet I have around my ankle (blue, white, light gray, and dark gray), while Squeeze breezed through one of the bracelets that I haven't tried again yet, and we also just talked, which I enjoyed. It's definitely different when the other person and I are both engaged in our individual tasks, but aren't so absorbed in those that we can't talk at the same time. Unfortunately, she doesn't know if she'll be able to have company again tonight, because certain work is more important, but I told her if that doesn't work out, I may use tonight to make s'mores cookies to leave at work, and try actually talking to her in Skype (with my microphone) while I'm working on those.

That'll probably be it for today though, since I have to go start washing the dishes soon. I hope there's enough hot water, because I heard Naomi tell Mom that Dad said we were running low earlier or something, and... yeah. I had enough last week, so will I have enough this week? Hopefully, but if not... I'll just figure something out. Would microwaving / boiling water work? Possibly, but I should hope it doesn't come to that~

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