Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Now For a Different Night

Once again, I don't feel like writing a proper entry today, mostly because there are things I'd rather be doing at this time, so instead of focusing on writing proper paragraphs, let's see what feels worth mentioning...

a] I nearly fell asleep in the bathtub last night. I find the timing a little suspect, because it never happened before Squeeze told me about how she naps in the tub from time to time, but I had a shower, and went about business as usual, then decided I'd like to try for a bath as well. The water was at least up over my chest when I turned the cold water almost completely off, and the hot water down to just a gentle trickle, and then... just laid there. For whatever reason, a feeling of panic overtook me some minutes after that, but I repositioned myself slightly, relaxed again, and that was that. If I did actually fall asleep, it wasn't for more than a minute or two, but I know it felt like I was off somewhere else than the bathtub / bathroom for a few moments, then I came to, and realized where I was. Kind of interesting, but I still think she'd have an easier time of it than I would, because knowing my luck, I'd just fall asleep, then somebody would knock / pound on the door and ask how much longer I was going to be.

b] Work tonight actually will be a bit different than normal, in that instead of working 8 - midnight, I don't work at all. Mary called around 5:30 to let me know she had canceled my shift, because they were "beyond dead", to the point of even considering closing early. I made sure to at least ask when I started tomorrow (5pm, as expected), but as far as tonight goes, that's fun. I intend to head out to Sobeys and Giant Tiger when I'm done here, to get some things I'll need for baking in Toronto, but what could / should I do after that? I was thinking about going to 7-11 again on the way home from work, so I could do that, or I could use this night off to get my baking at home done. One way or the other, I need something specific to do, or this'll just end up being one of those nights where I go to bed early out of boredom. One thing I really ought to do is start on my list of stuff to pack, as well as ideas for meals in Toronto. I'd rather not leave that 'til the last minute.

If there was a third (or even fourth) item, it's pretty well slipped my mind. I could write about an odd but interesting dream I had last night (it won't make sense here, but one part of it was a note that went something like "You don't need to use L+R+Y to get through here", next to a tiny star-shaped opening in a wall), but I'd rather just head out to Giant Tiger and Sobeys, and I could also sit here trying to think of other things to say, and end up finding it 8:30 or even 9 by the time I do. I wonder if any other places have plans to close early tonight. I should get going now, just in case~

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