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One of Those Days

Woke up at 12, to get ready to go to Heart and Stroke, but I was still exhausted, so I sat down in my chair, and quickly got to thinking about just going back to sleep. After all, I'd only had less than 5 hours. I ended up doing so, so sooner or later (preferably later, after 5, to be exact), I need to email Michele to tell her what happened, and that I will be in tomorrow, and if not then, definitely on Friday.

I just don't know what it is though. What it's like outside, for one thing, I suppose. First time in a while I've been too warm in bed, but feh. If that problem persists, I'll just go with what I did last year: bring my blankets and fan downstairs, and spread out the couch cushions in the living room and sleep on them :3 It's much better than being upstairs all night long, and has the added advantage of being in the same room as my Wii and PS2 are, so if I get bored and can't fall asleep, I can play a game or watch a movie~

It's just... I really (really) hope this isn't a sign of things to come. The past two summers were hell, so it'd be nice to get a bit of a break this year.

But anyways, went to Staples as planned, and was able to return the drive. Picked up one of these. Upon plugging it in for the first time, I was a bit confused, because the file system was listed as CDFS, but I tried running the "ONSPCLK.exe" program it kept prompting me about, and after entering the default password (12345 :s), it popped up another box saying something about the other partition being unlocked, so I went and looked in "Computer", and sure enough, there it was. Interesting. I don't exactly like how the file system for that partition is FAT32, but I'm in the process of getting it formatted to NTFS right now, so whatever :p

And now it's time to begin the ~1 hour of copying. After which I plan on emailing that person to see if my money order for that tail arrived yet. It's been almost two weeks. If the answer's still no, I have to wonder if something might've happened to it :\

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