Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Almost Too Late Again

I'm very tempted to just let today go, what with it already being 11pm, but I should try to mention a few quick things, right?

To start, work yesterday went differently than I expected. I asked for a ride, because I thought I might be late if I walked, and when I got there, Laura explained that the only thing she hadn't done in the dining room was the floor, which would be my responsibility, so I took that to mean I would be on front cash, and indeed, I was. From ~5 to 6 that went about as one might expect, then somebody called, and Mary answered it while she headed off to the back, making me think it was something that required her immediate attention. A minute later, she came back up, and asked if I wanted to make up the hours I lost on Friday. Funny, isn't it? Going back to that night, I thought it would be fitting if something happened to require me to close on Saturday night, and then it actually happens. It turned out Heather had called in, and I'd already answered "Sure" before I had a chance to think about it. A couple minutes after that, I had enough presence of mind to ask Mary if I would still be on front cash until 11, and she said yes, so that's pretty much what happened. At midnight (exactly midnight), I took over drive through so Tom could go home, then Manoah and I closed, which was a standard three hours. Then we walked home, and I went to 7-11, because I really deserved something special at that point, and after going the rest of the way home and eating my snacks, had a nice, relaxing sleep.

On somewhat of a separate (but still related) point, I previously thought that I still worked a supper shift today, yes? Turns out I was wrong about that too. Not only did I not work a supper shift, but I wasn't scheduled to work at all, so today has thus far been used for baking, and little else. I made two batches of s'mores cookies and Rice Krispies squares with Walmart's Froot Loops instead of Rice Krispies. The cookies turned out pretty well (I set the oven to 350° instead of 375°), as did the squares (but those would look even better with some sprinkles), and I even had an hour and a half long voice chat with Squeeze in Skype while I was doing that (it didn't work at first, but that ended up being because I had the volume turned all the way down in Skype ;_;), so that was pretty fun. Since then, I talked to Dan for a bit, about the state of him buying groceries, and having a furmeet here. Mom and Dad said they'd be alright with us using the living room and backyard, but then Dan started going off about hearing of meets before he was around which devolved into people just having sex, which kind of put me off the topic for the night. As I told him, it doesn't surprise me that that happened before, but seriously, I wouldn't allow it to happen here. Anybody attending this theoretical furmeet at / in our house would be expected to respect the fact that they're in somebody else's house, and act accordingly.

I think that's about all for tonight though. I have a few things in mind to do with my night, but I really ought to start with the most important one, being to make a list of things to pack. To think it's the 10th of February already. Where did the time go?

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