Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Today is Just Rushed

I used those exact words in a quick chat with Totts not five minutes ago, so I think they still hold pretty true. So far today, my alarm woke up at 1, but I wanted more sleep, so I set it ahead to 2, then 2:30 after that. In the last half hour, I had a strange dream that I told Squeeze about, since she was in it as well, then laid back and watched an episode of Family Guy, while I tried to wake up completely. After that, I went downstairs and made a hell of a racket as I crushed the ten Skor bars I bought from Dollarama a while ago, then went around and recorded a video inside and outside our house, to show to both Squeeze and Dan at some point in the future. When I came back in after that, I found Totts had responded to a question I asked about her saying she was going to make fish later, and we chatted for just a few minutes, which about brings us up to now. I'll be leaving for work shortly, hopefully with enough time to stop at the bank along the way, then I'll be off for a nice six hour shift, which I hope will go by quickly. Maybe it'll even be slow enough that Manoah and / or Heather say I can go home early. I'd rather not lose hours, and Squeeze might not be ready right away if that were to happen, but I wouldn't mind having some time at home to collect myself.

Overall, I just feel really stressed and anxious right now. I've done this several times before, so it shouldn't be anything different, but that thought doesn't help any. Once I get on the train and we start to move away from Chatham and it sinks in a bit, I might be able to let out one all-encompassing sigh, but for the moment, I'm just doing what I can to deal with that. The rest of last night went pretty decently - I talked with Dan for a bit, then Squeeze when she got home. I told myself I'd head out to 7-11 at 3:00 for some more nachos and a couple other treats, but my brain decided I'd be better off going around collecting as many of my things to pack as possible then, so it wasn't until ~4:30 that I actually set out. The guy there (the same one as before) even said "You're late!", and I briefly contemplated telling him what was going on, but went over to look at the sandwiches instead, and missed my opportunity.

On that abrupt note, I should be getting ready to head off to work now though. I need to remember the cookies that are down in the basement fridge, but I remember they're there to mention them, so I think I wouldn't leave them behind. I really hope being outside / at work helps with the way I feel though. I know it's only temporary, but that doesn't help the unpleasantness...

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