Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

The First Full Day

I slept for a good twelve hours between last night and this afternoon. It makes a little more sense, when you remember / consider that I got only three hours of sleep between coming here and finally properly going to bed last night, but even so, I find myself hopeful that because I just got ~12 hours of sleep, I'll be tired earlier than normal tonight, because that would help for getting up early tomorrow. We're going out to do some more running around in a bit - Dan needs to get badges for the meet printed (he can't do that himself this time, because they're in color), and I want to go look for some things I couldn't find / forgot about yesterday - and after that, it will be my goal to have at least two things ready to go for Saturday (probably those ~5 batches of s'mores cookies, and two cheesecake pies), because although it's only Wednesday, I'd rather have Friday free again. I need a bit of a break between baking and the furmeet.

Going back to yesterday now though, what exactly did we do? I slept until about 5pm, then we went out to Dufferin Mall, for groceries and such things. No Frills actually had a few things of interest, while Walmart had less, and Dollarama had more than I expected, including nachos and salsa Lunchables for 50 cents each. I took a picture with my Vita to show to Squeeze when we got home, thinking she'd have an amusing reaction, but all she said was "Wow those are cheap there~", which was fairly disappointing. I still ended up spending just over $50 though, which is a decent amount of money now that I think about it, and also gave Dan $70 to pay him back for the groceries he bought. That was at Taco Bell though, because we went there for supper, and things were... fun. The first thing I asked was if they accepted the 20% discount cards we were given a little while ago. I was told "Yes", so I figured they'd also understand what I meant when I wanted my fries supreme made into a burrito. I emphasized - two times, no less - that I did not want tomatoes or chives on it. After having to explain to two different people what I wanted as well (bearing in mind that I'd previously presented my employee discount card, so they knew on some level that I worked at one as well, and would know what I was talking about), I was given a fries supreme burrito with... tomatoes and chives on it. I tried eating it as it was, but you know what? I genuinely don't like the way tomatoes taste. They have a slightly sour, rotten flavor. Dan made some joke about "snow kitties don't eat vegetables", and I picked all of the tomatoes off that I could, but still didn't quite finish it. Why didn't I go back and say "This isn't what I asked for"? People do it whenever some part of their order is messed up for us, but I didn't. I suppose I'll just have to live with it...

Other than that, not too much has happened today. I woke up to find a couple messages from FriedCanine about the beginnings of our Chatham furmeet, and told Squeeze that I slept for 12 hours, only to remember she's gone to London today, so perhaps I'll have things to get back to when I come home, but otherwise, all that's left for now is to head out again. I'd like to be back by 6 or 7pm (probably not an unrealistic estimate, considering we'll likely end up eating somewhere out there), and then I can get to baking or whatever from there. That seems like a good enough start for now~

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