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Karadur Inacu 

A Pretty Full Day Overall

I might as well try to write something in here quickly, since tomorrow looks for the most part like it'll be my baking day. Due to having to wait far too long for the bus, we actually didn't make it home until ~8pm, by which point I was too tired to start anything. I figure if I get the cheesecake pies out of the way first (since they need to cool before I can put the icing on top), I'll make up as much s'mores cookie dough as I can fit into one bowl, and work from that, instead of going batch by batch. The same goes for the two-ingredient oatmeal cookies. I think I intended to make two batches, with two different assortments of mix-ins, and overall, it should just make the work go faster. I'd like some different approach to it anyway, so I don't just end up spending all day in the kitchen. If I have enough time, I might even go out to Bulk Barn tomorrow, instead of waiting until Friday. Really, the only thing I can see actually having to do then is making a second cake. As it turns out, there isn't enough space in the fridge for two, but there's enough for one, so if I make the first, and take it down to the party room while we're moving furniture around on Friday, I can make the second that same night, and put the Cool Whip and everything else on it in the morning. Perhaps I didn't need to explain that in such detail, but it seems like a better idea.

What was I going to say after that? I can't remember exactly, so... between when I last wrote an entry and right now, the following has happened:

a. We went to Walmart, where I bought some boxer shorts, The Midsummer Station by Owl City (the CD I wanted for Christmas), and some Bits & Bites for Saturday, and Dan grabbed a big pack of paper plates (460, if I recall), and some napkins
b. We went over to Staples so Dan could get badges for the meet printed, and I ended up buying a sketchbook full of graphing paper, some pencil crayons, and a two-pack of sharpeners. My idea is that while I'm still not particularly great at art, it could be fun to just go about coloring in random squares, or maybe trying to make basic pixel art of things, and seeing where that gets me
c. We went back over to Walmart, where Dan bought snow peas, garlic, relish, granola bars, and I think one or two other things, and I picked up even more, consisting of three boxes of Pop-Tarts, sprinkles, and most likely a couple other items that don't come to mind right now
d. We went to the bus stop, and waited for a solid 40 minutes for the bus to finally come by. Had we crossed to the other side of the street and waited for a bus that would eventually circle back around to the subway station, we would've had two more opportunities to get on the bus, but that didn't happen. I was pretty annoyed by the time it finally pulled up, and rightly so, I think
e. We ate supper (some stir-fry Dan made - I picked everything but the onion strings out of my bowl, because those added a nice sweetness to it), and watched a bit of the first episode of season 5 of Fringe
f. We went out to Rabba for pop, but they didn't have much to pick from, so we walked up the street to some other convenience store. I grabbed a small bottle of Pepsi, and Dan bought a 2 liter bottle of cream soda Fanta. ~$6 for that, I think...
g. We walked back to the apartment, and along the way, Dan asked if I might like to watch Kill Bill instead of Fringe, because he'd previously watched a bit of it on Youtube. I didn't give a straight answer then, but simply put, it doesn't seem like it'd be of much interest, due entirely to all of the violence. I somewhat believe that I wouldn't be so much put off by it as just simply not interested in that sort of thing. I wish I'd brought (on my laptop's hard drive) Forrest Gump or Apollo 13. I like those movies, because they tell a (good, compelling) story without falling into what the box for Kill Bill described as "extreme violence". Maybe it's just me *shrug*
h. We watched the first three episodes of season 5 of Fringe, broken up by Dan doing things on his laptop, and me completing one more color in a new bracelet-type thing I started working on
i. We watched the video I recorded of our house. Dan didn't say much about whether or not he thought it would work for a furmeet, but he did sketch out floorplans for both the main and upper floors. I suppose that could be related

Past that, we pretty much went off to our own activities. I can't remember exactly what brought it on, but when we went out to the Walmart in Dufferin Mall yesterday, he started joking that I needed to get some rainbow toe socks. I think I brought it up tonight, then he looked them up on Google Images. From there, I said I would honestly like something more along the lines of the arm / leg warmers I brought here, and sure enough, what did I buy? A pair of fuzzy / furry rainbow leg warmers, which will most likely be used on my arms instead. As I told him a couple times, the fact that I like / would wear such rainbow things is not meant to imply anything of me (toward my sexuality, particularly). I just happen to really like the way it / they look. Squeeze would have more of an idea of what I'm talking about, because this is something I've discussed in more detail with her, but overall, I like bright, light, vibrant colors. The fact that people might jump to conclusions about me based on that is something I just accept, and in fact even "get a kick out of", under the proper circumstances.

Other than that though, I just ought to get to bed soon. I could stay up until ~6am for the sake of seeing how much my pay for the past two weeks is, but as it's already 4am, and I'd like to be up for noon, I think I won't. Tomorrow will probably be a long enough day already~

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