Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not Quite That Busy

I should make another point-form list of things, right? I didn't write an entry yesterday, because I was too tired when I went to bed, and too busy getting ready for the furmeet during the afternoon and evening, and now I feel like I don't even have enough time to write a proper entry before I go to sleep. I already won't be getting a proper night's rest, but as yet, we don't have anything planned for Monday, so maybe Sunday night will be my last big, involved day, and then at the end of it, I can get supper from Pizza Pizza, and sleep in for a nice long while. Better yet would be to do that on Monday night, because I thought of something I'd like to talk with Dan about at some point while I'm here, and another friend of his who arrived today will be here until Monday (evening, presumably).

I think overall, things today have been pretty interesting. There's at least one personally relevant issue that I'm still uncertain of, but how about we go back to this morning? When I woke up, I found a message from Dan in Skype saying that he'd gone to meet the above-mentioned friend at Union Station. That's fine and normal, yes? I was properly awake at about 11:15, and when Bungee saw that I was up, he came in and asked if I'd heard or seen anything amiss last night. Turns out Xion and Chris took back a few more of their belongings, this time including the TV that was previously hooked up in the living room (not the big one), maybe their dishes (or they could've washed them), and most noticeably, Lela, cage and all. Just for myself, I want to ask what the hell is going on with them. By that point, I was up on the living room having a look for myself, when Bungee continued on, and I stopped him, indirectly asking (in disbelief) "Is it really that bad?" He nodded and said yes, which is just... I don't even know anymore. When Chris sent me a message in MSN back in January, I got the idea that he and Xion had simply been isolating themselves because of drama in the portion of the furry community that Dan's website is made for around here, but either it goes deeper than that, or he wasn't being entirely honest. It's exciting, in a way, but at the same time, it also makes me feel that I don't want to, for example, be out in the living room when one or both of them ventures out of their room. It really is a difficult situation...

In better news, things are pretty well all set up for tomorrow. There was a bit of a setback at the start of rearranging the furniture in the party room, because upon opening the fridge to stock it with pop, I found that it was warm (unplugged), and that it smelled really bad, which turned out to be a really moldy pepper or something else of the sort that somebody had left behind. Brilliant, whoever they are, but I took a couple pictures just for the sake of it, and then realized afterward that when I go downstairs with Dan to return the key to the party room (for I am going to do that this time), I can show the superintendent that / those pictures. I don't really think it'll lead to anything, but I presume she / somebody on staff for the building checks the room after each event. Opening the fridges and making sure they're plugged in wouldn't take too much longer...

That'll be it though. Tomorrow is going to be an early day - I have to finish my donation jar, trim the ingredient list that Dan should be printing for me, shave and possibly have a quick shower, take my cheese crisps downstairs - and the key for the party room just so happens to still be in one of my pants pockets. Fun, yes? My alarm is set for 10:30, so now all I need to do is get to sleep...

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