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Back to Work Soon

I didn't think I'd have enough time to make it to work before the dining room closed last night, so I called in to check when my next shift was, and James informed that I worked today, from 5-8pm. A three hour shift? Really? The pessimistic side of me wants to say that it's meant to discourage me from going away for so long, but from a more realistic perspective, that's probably just because it'll be my first shift back, and a shorter one would serve as a nicer way to ease back into being at work. Needless to say, I'm pretty curious to see what the rest of my schedule will be like, and I should just take being done at 8 for what it is, since that doesn't happen very often. Unless Dan gets back to me in the next ~15 minutes, I'll have to head up to Shoppers for deodorant, as it seems I forgot mine there, and then I can come home and just... get back to things here.

On one hand, I'd like to ask Squeeze if she'd be up for doing something again, because although I did go over there last night, I left at 3, due to being tired, and still having mostly everything to unpack at home. On the other, I don't think I'd mind just coming home and getting back to things here. I started finally writing a reply to George, since he still hasn't added me to his Skype contact list, so I'd like to finish that, and at least for the moment, I can see writing a couple emails to other people as well. I said more about this yesterday, but certain topics came up while Dan and I were talking on Wednesday night that I didn't foresee coming up before I went there. I don't mind that they did, because I still haven't said anything specific, and truly, there are still things I wish I could share with friends (probably close ones), if not just be completely silent about, but that entire subset of topics is also a largely unexplored area, so I don't know what to expect from it. Having new things to think about is rather enjoyable, but having been at an impasse for the past several days is less so. Squeeze actually read the protected entry I wrote in here about them last night, and while I was unpacking, sent me a message in Skype that I presume was related, but which I still haven't read all of. I believe she told me that she's willing to listen if ever I want to talk about those things, and while I kind of expected as much from posting it as a protected entry, I don't know what to make of her willingness to listen, and thus am stuck on that. The fact that I have not one but two friends who are willing to listen is definitely not something that escapes me, and to that end, I really appreciate it, but for the time being, I just don't know what the next step is.

In less touchy news, I'm rather pleased with how smooth the transition has been from being in Toronto to being at home this time. There are still a few lingering thoughts, mostly along the lines of how I'd still like to be back there with Dan, but I'll hold onto the good in those for now, until I feel sufficiently adjusted to being back at work, and soon enough, Heart and Stroke. I wore my name badge from the furmeet over to Squeeze place last night, because I thought that would be fun to do, then hung it up from the string attached to the light switch on my fan, along with the other three that I have already. Is it actually five furmeets that I've been to already? I know we didn't have badges at first, and I have four more, for meets 8, 9, 10, and 11, which is kind of hard to believe. I like going to them as well though, and as a matter of fact, what Xion told me before about how Dan wanted to turn the meets into a proper convention ended up being one of the things we talked about. He mostly just wanted to know if Xion meant it as a bad thing, but it wasn't until the following morning (when I could think more clearly) that I told him the way it seemed to me was that Xion wasn't alright with the idea, so he didn't think I would be either. Things change though, and now, I'd like to see / help out at such a convention. Like I told Dan, my biggest problem would be finding some way to get everything to the location, because there's a fair bit of work associated with taking everything down to the party room already. Getting back to Xion though, have I mentioned that I didn't see him once, the entire time I was there? Technically that isn't true, because he and Chris went grocery shopping on Sunday morning, and I caught a fuzzy glimpse of his jacket when their rustling around woke me up, but otherwise, I only saw Chris, and furthermore spoke to him only once, to say "Oh, excuse me", because I was in his way. I definitely heard Xion though, and as I believe I wrote in here, heard a bit more about him from Bungee. First was when they took back more of their belongings (including Lela) from the living room, and the second was just yesterday morning, when he came into Dan's room just after I woke up, and asked both Dan and I if we'd heard them moving things around in their room the previous night. Dan noticed it first, and I could confirm that it sounded like something of that sort was going on. He also added that they'd apparently been trying to mess with the router, and that they were responsible for the internet connection being slow the week before. Interesting, yes? I still might send Chris an email to ask for his take on things, because him wanting to hang out outside the apartment would make more sense if he intended for it to just be he and I, but really, it's just a complicated situation.

With those two large paragraphs though, I think it's time that I got ready for work. I still know what I'm doing, right? It's just been a bit since I've actually had to do any of that~

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