Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Hello 360, Goodbye Money

In less than 1 hour this afternoon, my brother spent more than $800 D: He bought an Xbox 360, the 1 year deal from EB Games, Oblivion, and some food from 7-11. I'm listening to music on it right now though :) Needless to say, we did get some money from our grandpa's will today. Not all of it though, but $1600 is nothing to sneeze at. Heart and Stroke got a $160 donation from me, just to save me the pain of not having done that come next tax season, and I bought 512MB of RAM from Staples, but I've still got about, oh, $180 left of the $300 I withdrew from the bank. I'm trying to think of something to buy right now though. Here's what I've been considering:

- PS2, but first I'd have to take a look at what games there are that've been released for it, and see if anything looks particularly interesting.
- New graphics card. Really dunno about this. I don't play "WHOAOMG PRETTY GFX" games that often, so I wouldn't get that much use out of it.
- FW 1.5 PSP. IF I can find one. You have any idea how rare the things are now probably? I was going to ask at EB Games earlier this afternoon, but I figured the hassle I'd be given about why I wanted that specific firmware wouldn't be worth it. I don't own a debit card either, so I can't buy anything online, which is where I'd stand a good chance of getting one. Heck, with Undiluted Platinum (modchip for the PSP) showing up, I could very well get one of those (if they are indeed real) and downgrade / upgrade to my heart's content.

Oh well. For now, I'm going to go look at GameFAQs and see what's been released in terms of PS2 games. Will update tomorrow if I get one ;)

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