Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Mostly Better Than Expected

Work tonight should be interesting. I noticed yesterday that Laura had effectively been removed from the schedule, so I asked James what had happened, and he explained that she'd been fired. I wasn't expecting that before, but it comes as less of a surprise than you might expect, and it really only affects me to the extent that I can just expect to close with James and Mary more now. As a matter of fact, James is the closing manager tonight, and it'll be Mary and I tomorrow, which is just alright. She's closed with Nicole the past two nights as well, and yesterday night, I told her I had something to ask a little later on, which ended up being a good thing, but isn't related to why work should be interesting. To put it in brief, she said that I could still have more than three weeks off in a year (within reason), and actually asked what time I wanted to have off now. I told her I wasn't actually making such a request right then, and indeed, Dan has to figure out when the next furmeet will be, but just from what was said last night, it looks like I'll be going away again sometime in May. Fun, isn't it? I'm excited, anyway <3

Continuing on though the main hot line stopped working last night, so we had to switch everything over to the smaller one which is obviously more cramped, and as Mary stated a couple times, she won't be able to get somebody to come have a look until tomorrow, so at least for tonight, we will be continuing to use mini. I've done that on a couple occasions before though, and it'll actually be James who has to deal with it instead of me tonight. Overall though, the past couple afternoons / evenings have gone well for me, so I think I'm ready for an actual close. I already know exactly what I'll be doing when I get home - two things, actually, and one of them is obviously working on Picross 2 - so let's go see what tonight is like. I was on drive through yesterday and didn't wash a single dish (too many customers), so I'll at least get to feel what it's like to do those again~

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