Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Not a Relevant Notice

...I really think I might have to clear out my friends list soon. I wrote an entry a while back that I ended up setting to friends-only, about why I could see removing everybody but Dan and Squeeze, but clearly I still haven't been bothered enough to do that. I have a message telling me that munedust's birthday is on the 27th though, and when was the last time she posted an entry? Back in 2011. It's not really that any of those people have done anything that I'd want to remove them from my friends list for, but if they haven't updated in that long, I can't see much reason to keep them on my list. I could just write a public entry stating why I removed each of them, and put a link to it in my profile. If I can be bothered. That won't happen yet though, because I have other, more important things to do.

Overall, I might actually call this a fairly standard afternoon, were it not for one thing. As is not quite adequately demonstrated here, I have finished Picross 2. All of it. All of Easy Picross, and Mario Mode, and Wario Mode, and even those annoying 11th puzzles in the final stage of the latter two groups. I worked on it pretty much solidly from when I got home until when I went to bed last night, and went right back to it when I woke up today, and as of ~3:30pm, finished the last piece of the last puzzle. So much for thinking I wouldn't be able to get it done before the end of the month, yes? I haven't decided if I'll treat myself to some snacks at 7-11 tonight, or wait until tomorrow, but one way or the other, those will be my reward, and past that, I think I'm done with that sort of project for at least a week. I have almost a handful of emails to write, a messy desktop full of files to sort out, and possibly a night at Squeeze's place to have tomorrow, because although I was hoping to do something tonight, she has plans that require her to go to bed early. That's fine though. I need to stop procrastinating about things.

Apart from that, the only other remarkable thing was that I was talking to Dan, Squeeze, and Totts all at the same time earlier. Squeeze and Dan both linked me to a picture she made for him, then I got to talking to Dan about what might have made me sick, Squeeze about picross and not feeling well, and Totts about the rice I brought home from work last night, and the snow leopard figurine / plush that I'm unofficially commissioning from her. On a loosely-related note, I lost the rainbow bracelet Squeeze gave to me sometime between going to and leaving work on Saturday, and I'm still bothered by that, but she said she'd make me another one, so maybe I will get it tomorrow. It occurs to me that it might have fallen out of my pocket and onto the ground, for somebody to come along and take, but I don't think Nicole even knew that I had them before, and she said she would assume it was mine if she found it, not to mention I can't see anybody there doing that. Tryphena might, as a joke, but I think if she did, she would give it back to be given to me the next time I was in.

All of that aside though, I should get to work on the more important emails I have to write here, and then maybe actually leave for work early. If possible, I wouldn't mind going to both Shoppers for deodorant and Dollar Tree for some more string, but I'll start with the deodorant, as it's more important. I really should've gone out for some before, but... I'm getting there~

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