Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Don't Want to Be Sick

Really not sure what to expect of tonight. I definitely have a cold, but if I was going to call in sick, I should've done so at least two hours ago. I think I can manage with that, but what about afterward? Squeeze told me she'd be up for doing something once I get done work, and I have a bag of rice for Totts that I really ought to give to her soon, but for the past couple nights, I've been going to bed at ~3am, and I can't see going there if the same thing is going to happen tonight. I'd like to, because the last time I saw any of them was last week, but I suppose we'll see what happens. There's already been a slight change over yesterday, being that my nose doesn't seem to be running as much, but it's still annoying.

On a different note, it's kind of interesting to think that at this time just last week, I was laying on the couch while Dan was doing things on his laptop, finding myself utterly unable to get up and go out to 7-11. Was that really only a week ago? It truly doesn't feel like it, and in the same way, it didn't even occur to me while I was at work on the weekend that the Saturday prior, I was at the furmeet. I have a feeling that's because I already know with the very beginnings of certainty that I'll be going back in May, but until then, I'm still slowly becoming re-adjusted in other ways, and I suppose that's to be expected. The one more or less new thing we did there that I want to do again is talk, but I'm thinking that in the meantime, I could try to effect the same sort of atmosphere when I go over to hang out with Squeeze by bringing a blanket, and perhaps taking my shirt off, so I'm more comfortable. If I go over there tonight, and it is just us, I may find some things to talk about then for all I know, but as stated above, we'll have to see about that when I get home from work.

Apart from that, I'm actually not so late for once, but I should still not waste any time, and go get ready / head out right now. When I was outside earlier, I noticed the cold air made it easier to breathe, so it'd be nice if the same happens a second time. Then I'll just have to worry about staying awake~

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