Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Another Fairly Full Day

World Cats Day, yes? I didn't know that existed before now. Kind of interesting, I suppose...

More to what I was actually thinking before I noticed that though, this will effectively be just another placeholder entry, because it's already after 7:00, and due to having all the weekend closes again, I want to go up to Dollarama for energy drinks, among a few other things. So long as they don't go like yesterday night did, those shifts should go reasonably well, but I'd like to have something extra for Saturday night. It's not that things went badly yesterday, but I was just not in a good state. I took one of the nighttime cold pills before I left for work, so I assumed it'd have kicked in by the time I got there, but in actuality, it didn't start to take effect until ~10pm, when I noticed my nose felt entirely stuffed up. It was also busy, which didn't help, but something interesting happened at the end of the night. I told James I was taking the remaining four pies, and he didn't say anything, so I figured he thought nothing of it, and assumed he felt the same. Following that, I started counting my till, and shortly thereafter, he randomly asked if I wanted the rice. I hadn't planned to ask for it before, because I didn't want to seem too greedy, but it's fun. Between already having the most hours of all the non-management staff, Mary having indirectly said I can have more time off in May, and being allowed to take the food that would normally just be thrown out, I feel special.

As for things not related to work, I did go over to hang out with Squeeze, Totts, and Evo last night, which was alright. I say "alright" instead of "fun" because I was pretty tired, but still, I stayed there until almost 6:30, and didn't get to bed / sleep until almost 8:00 after that. If she's up for it again tonight, I'd like to go over there again, because there are some things I wasn't able to get to yesterday, but if she's not, or just doesn't get back to me, I'll have ~6 hours to work on backups, which honestly feels like the better use of tonight. I did email Michele earlier, but she said that even with my still not feeling entirely well, she won't need me back until the 6th / 7th, so we'll still be able to do more next week. On this somewhat random note though, I think I should head out now. I'd like to get there with a little time to spare...

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