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Good End to a Bad Day

Oh what a horrible (horrible) subject. I'll be darned if I can think of anything better though :p Anyways...

I can only hope tomorrow will go better :s Except for one good thing earlier on in the night, today's just been... bleh. Not good.

The one good thing was that after putting my uniform on for work, I sat down to play some StepMania. Glanced at my laptop for a second though, and noticed that the title on one of the tabs had changed to "Gmail - Inbox (1)". In curiosity, I opened it, to see what new email I had received. I expected it to be something from Nintendo, but much to my delight, it was the person I ordered that snow leopard tail from letting me know that the money order had arrived, they'd be shipping it on Friday, and it should be here in a week or so <3

The only thing that worries me about it is whether I'm going to have to pick it up somewhere, or if it'll just be brought straight to the house. In which case I hope it's in some sort of a box, because I'd really rather not have to explain just why I bought a giant tail off the internet :x But then again, as I said at least once before, Adam does have some sort of knowledge that I'm furry and whatnot, so if things really go perfectly, he'll put two and two together, tell everyone else, and they'll just say "Oh whatever that's nice~"

Oh, and as for the weather, right now, it's actually nice out. Not extremely cold, but still somewhat, it was snowing quite heavily earlier, and right now, the roads are all slushy :p If only it could get so cold that the slush would freeze. That'd be fun. Not entirely good, but still fun :3

Also got my pay stub tonight. ~$430. Take away the money for gas, internet, and everything else, and it goes down to $265. Then consider that I spent another $200 on the external hard drive that I broke and exchanged today, and that leaves me with $65 :o Oh how I hate the first pay of each month~ Just because every time that rolls around, I'm required to give Dad $100 for something or other (he never specified what it's for) on top of the gas and internet money, so yeah. For rest of the month, I only have to give them gas money, which I can deal with.

But yeah. I'm actually sort of tired right now. There is a chance I won't have to go to Heart and Stroke tomorrow (all depends on what Michele says), but I'm going to head upstairs anyways. I feel like at least playing Avernum 4 a bit before going to sleep though :3