Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Said Too Much Before

I truly don't feel like saying anything, and what can I blame that on? The fact that I wrote such a long entry yesterday, I suppose. It was protected, which clearly doesn't help anybody who can't see it, but the point still stands. Backups were coming along fairly well, but Squeeze hadn't read or replied to any of my messages in Skype all day, and there were some other things I needed to get off my chest, so I started into PSP memory stick backups, and away I went. Alas, I should've tried to do the same when I got home from work last night, but apart from talking to Dan a bit and checking for something in amongst files on my backups drive I don't really remember what happened. In somewhat of a similar way, I don't remember quite what happened yesterday morning either, but I do recall waking up before it was time to actually get up, and somewhere just before being properly awake, laid there in bed, propped up on my arms, staring at a box on my floor with a glimmer of fright in my eyes. It was something to do with a dream I had, but as it usually goes, I didn't make any notes about the dream then, and can't remember now. I just know I eventually realized the box was a simple box something I bought online while I was in Toronto came in, and managed to lay down and fall asleep again shortly after that.

As for today, I sent Squeeze a couple more annoyed messages when I woke up, because she still hadn't read or responded to the ones I sent her *before* that, heard back from her a short time later, and we talked for a bit. About serious things at first, but eventually we got onto more typical (and random) topics, at one point resulting in the decision that we'd do something when I get done work tomorrow. Something to look forward to, but there are still two shifts to get through, first, and I'm not sure what to expect of tonight. On the way home yesterday, I lamented about having all the weekend closes now, because I'd be on drive through for all of them, to which James said I could do line tonight. I haven't decided if I want to take him up on the offer, but I may, for a difference. I just don't want the same thing as yesterday to happen, which was it being not busy at all between 12 and ~2:50, and then right in the last ten minutes, two customers coming in and ordering ~$110 worth of food between them. We still managed though, and I was able to get the grease trap cleaned out (James figured there was 50~60 pounds of... stuff accumulated in it), which was my main goal for the night. I now have to head out though, so... I'll just be sure to remember to take one of my energy drinks, because that will be one thing to look forward to~

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