Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Even Less Than Before

I'd gladly take another one of yesterday afternoon now, please. It feels like I did more today than I've done today, which clearly means I haven't done much. Cleaned up my room somewhat, and then pretty much just sat here waiting and waiting and waiting to get replies to messages I sent when I got home from work yesterday. For that matter, the email I sent back on Thursday is still hasn't been responded to, which makes me just so pleased, but I'll give them until tomorrow afternoon, and have another go at asking for an update.

In the meantime, my night consists (or will hopefully consist) entirely of the following: leave for work a little earlier than normal, so I can call Squeeze before starting, and make sure plans are still on for tonight. By all rights, they should be, but that might be for just the two of us, without Totts and Evo there. Problem now is that I realized from Totts' newest status message in Skype is that her birthday is tomorrow, but Squeeze already said she'd rather not do anything tomorrow, so she can somewhat prepare for having to get up early to take care of certain things on Wednesday. Now, as much as I'd like to just go and hang out with her alone tonight, I'm not so selfish as to say "I couldn't care less that we wouldn't be able to do anything for your birthday at another time, Totts", so I figured I'd tell Squeeze that it might be better for it not to just be the two of us tonight, but (big surprise) she hasn't been signed into Skype since sometime after I left for work yesterday. On one hand, I really like that we were able to talk, and go from discussing more personal matters to getting her to laugh apparently pretty hard several times (these won't make sense out of context, but "caramel potato", "/me agrees with the above assessment", and a picture of a cat that was a reference to Forrest Gump), but on the other, it's still annoying to want / need to talk to her, only to not be able to get in contact there either. On top of that, I just noticed something else that has me wondering now, but if I remember, maybe I'll have the chance to ask about it later.

As for work last night, I want to say it went well, but it didn't all the same. It was my first time being on line on my own on a weekend close in quite a while, and to that end, I feel that I did well with making orders and getting everything cleaned / stocked up / ready for the end of the night, but it did get busy between 2 and 3 - busier than yesterday night - and as such, I was more behind than I should've been come 3:00. We didn't get any large last-minute orders, but as a combination of being busy and being out of practice, I didn't get as much done as I might have. That said, the point I'm getting to is that we were there until ~4:20. The last 20 minutes were fun for me, because I was practically running around without my shoes on (I'd taken them off to clean the wall behind the grill), but I somewhat dislike always getting out just in time or late with James. It's not that I dislike being there so late, but that it feels like sooner or later, Mary's going to start taking notice, and stop scheduling us on closes together. Part of me even wonders if anybody has yet noticed the disparity between when we clock out and when the alarm is activated. For the time being though, they haven't said anything, and I suppose that will suffice. Now to go see what fun surprises tonight has in store~

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