Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

~20 Pounds of Food

I can see a new weekly thing beginning here, but part of me also believes it's going to become a little excessive after a time. Over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night, I've been taking the leftover rice, tortillas, pies, and in some cases, spicy chicken home from work, to give to Squeeze, Totts, and Evo. It started with me bringing some pies to Squeeze one night when it was just her and I, then expanded to me asking Totts and Evo if they'd be interested in the other food that would get thrown out, and... needless to say, they were. It's well and good for the three of them, and honestly, to my mind, I'd rather take the food that would normally get thrown out (provided the closing manager doesn't mind) and see it put to use, but it can also be pretty heavy, as I learned yesterday. I had three bags of tortillas, nine (I think) pies, two bags of rice, and about a pound and a half of spicy chicken. And that's from only three nights. Assuming I don't see them again until next week, that's 5~6 nights worth of food, which is... an awful lot. In all honesty though, I'm still debating whether or not I want to ask Squeeze if she's up for company next Sunday or Monday...

As it goes, next week is (apparently) March Break. Squeeze's cousin will be visiting for a bit, and apparently already knows of me, and thinks I am "awesome" (guess why), and feels that it's "so cool" that Squeeze is friends with me, which just... feels like something I don't want to get into. It's not that I don't like the idea of meeting her, but I'd rather she kept on with that incomplete picture of me, instead of going to hang out, and having her realize that I'm not as "awesome" as she thinks I am. Doesn't that just speak so well of my self esteem? I think I mentioned at least once before though that I don't want to be friends with people simply because they find me interesting or whatever. And really, I wish it were May already, so I could go back to Toronto, and have a detailed sit-down / talk with Dan about how "being friends" with somebody is defined, and what different levels there are to that, because I'm truly getting to believe that the way I see such matters is partly the problem. Maybe I'll still see about doing something next week, because it'd give me the chance I wouldn't have otherwise to portray myself exactly as I like, but the other problem there is that it'd make for five people in the same room. Depending on how you look at it (from my personal perspective, or just a general one) that could be either one, or three people too many. Going there last night was still fun though, and somewhat amusingly, quite similar to Wednesday of last week, Squeeze didn't win a single Smash Bros. match. Either I'm getting better, or items make it too easy...

With that though, it's time to go see what one last night of work will be like. Manoah closes, so that should be different, and I'm sure he'll have many questions about what I did in Toronto (hopefully along with money for me), but we won't have very much time to talk. It'd be nice to make it out before a couple minutes 'til 1 though, so maybe it won't be as busy as yesterday night. Now if I could just get out of bed...

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