Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Always Need More Sleep

I'm just much too tired today, and I don't know why. I accidentally overslept and didn't make it to Heart and Stroke until ~2:30, but past that, I can't explain it. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten those cookies or toast when I got home, or maybe I shouldn't be laying here in the dark, with only my keyboard and somebody walking around out in the hallway as background noise. I can virtually guarantee that if I feel this way when I get home, I'm going to call it a night early, but... I tried to do that yesterday, and it hasn't seemed to help.

Going to Heart and Stroke was pretty well exactly the same as before, and I was able to work through reconciling three piles of receipts, which I suppose is decent enough for the first day. Michele even just laughed when I told her I'd try to be on time tomorrow, and otherwise, the only remarkable thing I could mention is that I currently have Natasha's STAR login information in my wallet. I asked Michele what I should do it with, and she told me I'd have to use that account again tomorrow. That much makes sense, but as I remarked to myself on the way home, I kind of think the office manager would be more secretive with that information.

In any case, that's really all there is to mention for today. The last package I was waiting for - those rainbow leg / arm warmers - finally came in, and I find a certain amount of irony in how the first thing I bought while I was in Toronto is the last one to have arrived, but I have them, and... quite honestly don't like the green. There's also a loose loop of black string in amongst the yellow on one of them, which I could / will just overlook, but is still a bit of an annoyance. Will I wear them to work tonight? Most likely no, but only because it's so warm out today. Hopefully it's colder on the weekend.

On that note though, I'm now talking to Squeeze, so I should end this here, as I also want to reply to a commission-related email before I leave for work. ~10 minutes to go...

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