Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Yet Another Quick Entry

Nothing much to say today.

I went downstairs to make some toast earlier, and there happened to be a message from Mary on the answering machine, asking if I could start at 7. I called her back pretty much straight away to say yes, then asked Mom if we could go to the Dollarama out on Grand Ave at 6. At the time, I wanted to go get some snacks to have after work, but I've only just decided that I'll probably pass on that, actually. I've already had toast and two pieces of pizza that were left from last night, and with James being the closing manager, might have a chance at making something to eat once we close, which should be enough. Similarly, I was thinking about going out to 7-11 for chips and candies last night, but decided to make a couple sandwiches, and also ate the candies that didn't go on Tom's cookie pizza, which seemed to be enough.

Maybe it's just these couple sudden changes. Going back to Heart and Stroke is still something I'm getting used to (the work I was assigned yesterday afternoon was patently boring, as it involved little more than changing a couple options in each canvasser's profile, and in some cases, marking that the route they canvassed was / was not between 20 and 25 houses), as is this sudden warmer weather. I was thinking ahead to Summertime last night, and am already a little excited to go out shopping for certain things then (I have a feeling this will be one of the years I skip going to London for the day), but I want it to be cold and overcast and nice again. If it weren't only March, I might have worked on rearranging my room last night, since everything else is changing, but no. It's still too early.

On that note though, I'll end this here, so I can go get ready. I'd like to reply to one email before I leave, but I'd also like to go back to talking to Squeeze for another ~20 minutes. Maybe I can just do both...

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