Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Food is What I Need

...and food is exactly what I'll be going out to get in about an hour. I'm not sure what I was hoping to find by looking through them, but I noticed in No Frills' flyer that they have a couple things on sale which I'd like to go get, so I can have something other than toast, cereal, and cookies to eat here, and that does seem like a more sensible use of my money than going to Dollarama yesterday would've been. I somewhat want to go to Giant Tiger for a few more packages of juice as well, so I have more than enough to last until next weekend, and hey, we should have enough time to go to both places. I'm pretty sure there haven't been any calls from work yet today, so I might not have to be in such a rush later on, but still, it's better to get those things taken care of now.

As for work last night, it's still a bit hard to describe in one short sentence, but I think it went pretty well. I could feel the way I felt on Monday starting to creep back in at a couple different points, and it took very nearly constant work for the entire night to keep the dishes and related tasks caught up, but we were still out before 4, and I suppose that's what counts. I suppose tonight might actually be a little different, what with the clocks going ahead at 2am, but if I'm correct, it only means that we won't be getting home until ~5:30, and I was already up 'til ~6:30 this morning, so I think I can manage with that. I wonder if I'll have the same sort of sleep as I did last night though? It hasn't happened in a little while, but when I first woke up, I couldn't remember where I was, or how long I'd been there for. It eventually dawned on me that I was in bed, having just woken up, and I think I went back to sleep for a bit longer, because when I woke up again after that, I knew exactly where I was.

Somewhat unfortunately though, aside from those things, it's been kind of a boring afternoon thus far. There is as yet nobody around to talk to, and while I now have three emails I want / need to write, I keep telling myself that I want to wait until we get back from No Frills to consider starting on those. I still need to send messages to George and Chris, but the other one is new as of last night, and would be going to Squeeze. Simply put, I feel like I'm rapidly turning into a broken record with how often / regularly I tell her I'm here to talk, and that I don't want her to feel like she has to hide certain parts of herself from me. I already know I feel the same way - that I keep to myself and generally don't talk about serious things unless I can find some provable, specific reason to, but just... I wish I could be more comfortable with the idea of telling her something I told Dan back in February. It's not really private, but is the sort of thing I'm extremely uncertain about, and all that sort of thing. As a matter of always saying "I'm here to talk" though, I'm just getting tired of it.

...I wonder if we could just go out now. I should go check...

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