Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Saving the Best for Last?

Suppose tonight's shift can go any better than yesterday did? I would suspect it being because of March Break, but it was busy, James was tired because he stayed up way too long the night before playing Minecraft with a friend, I could barely get the small pile of dishes that were there when I started caught up before 10, and oh, the people to clean the hoods were in just after midnight, but needed the dish sinks, which I wouldn't be done with until almost 1am. As we were walking home, James even admitted that he hadn't bothered to scrub or even mop the floor, which I can't say too much about, because when I asked if I should mop at the back, he said not to bother, as there was some equipment in the way that those other people had brought in. I was actually quite surprised that I managed to get my things done as quickly as I did, but something a little more reasonable tonight would be preferred.

After work, I... what did I do? I know Adam was still up when I got home, and I ended up just putting all of my laundry in the dryer right away, and then... oh, I remember. I did something that I can't say yet, because Squeeze might read this while I'm at work, then the surprise would be ruined. Following that, I think I just played Super Mario World hacks and watched a couple random episodes of Star Trek, then got really tired early, and went to bed at ~5:30. Really tired possibly because I ate more than I should've, but was still hungry, and that's all there was to it.

Along somewhat similar lines, Mom and I went back out to No Frills again today, because I wanted to get some more Lunchables. I did not, however, count on the balogna variety being the only ones left, and still ended up buying eight of them. Yes. Brilliant me. Along with that, I bought a package of the strawberry coconut rolls that Squeeze shared one of with me before, four energy drinks that she told me were on sale there (for only 25 cents, no less), and the second half of a surprise edible item that I'll be taking over there after work. Oh, and although it's somewhat unrelated, the thing I did last night led to me realizing a perfect remark I'll have to make to her later. My mind got ahead of my fingers when I was writing a message to tell her I might bring my rolling bag instead of my backpack, and I thought of the best way possible to explain that, but if I say any more now, it won't be half as funny later.

I think on that note though, I have a decision to make about whether or not to ask for a ride to work. If I do, I'll also ask about the possibility of being picked up later, so it doesn't take me as long to get over to Squeeze's place, but the last time Mom *or* Dad had to wake up to come pick me up from work was quite some time ago. I suppose I can ask and see what they say though. At worst, I walk home quickly, and leave James to walk on his own~

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