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Karadur Inacu 

Still Not a Good Idea

Staying up 'til 8am didn't seem to work so well yesterday, so why am I still awake now? Mostly because I'm not quite that tired yet, and want to write this before I call it a night, I suppose. I actually ended up sleeping from ~6:40 'til ~7:50 earlier tonight, because I was just so tired, and I can really only blame it on once again being out late yesterday. I did have fun and enjoy myself, definitely moreso tonight than yesterday, in case it matters, and I suppose it should come as no surprise that tomorrow night was discussed a bit earlier as well. I wouldn't mind doing something again then, but work really can't be as busy as it was on Monday. I mean, where do I start with that?

To begin, before going to work, I jokingly told Squeeze that we could switch positions, so she'd go to work in my place, and I'd be the one waiting for her to come over when she got home. She said she would be lost, which I just smiled knowingly at, but when I got to work, I quickly learned how true that was. I ended up asking James if I could start a couple minutes after I got there, to get the dishes organized, and in ~25 minutes, had managed to get all of the dishes rinsed / soaking, and the sinks cleaned and refilled. Even with that effort, and as much focus as I could muster while we were open, I was still back there for a good hour at the end of the night just finishing everything else up. Frustrating to say the least, and oh, I'm not sure what to make of tomorrow in a new direction now, being that Manoah might end up calling in sick (he did for his opening shift on Tuesday), and I'd end up having to close with James again. It's not that I don't like working with him, because we do tend to have fun, but he isn't as fast / forward-thinking as Manoah is when it comes to getting everything ready for the end of the night.

Moving away from work now, in my previous entry, I mentioned having done something after work on Sunday that I couldn't reveal then, because I wanted it to be a surprise. That something was bleaching my hair again (most of it anyway), which for the moment has turned out well. Squeeze didn't know until I got there, and indeed, I didn't want her to know, because of that good answer thing I mentioned in the same entry as well. She likes to excuse certain... oversights by claiming that it's her "blonde moment for the day". When I accidentally typed "laptop" instead of "rolling bag", it occurred to me that I could do exactly the same thing when I got there, and her reaction was definitely worth it. On a somewhat related note, it wasn't until I got home that she said she had an embarrassing something that she kind of wanted to tell me, which ended up having to do with my hair, in what I honestly consider to be a fun way. Before that, it was me who would say or admit to something slightly uncomfortable or awkward, and go hide from the awkwardness, but after saying what she did, she (apparently) went off to hide herself, and as I said just before bidding her a goodnight so I could start on this entry tonight, I honestly find that pretty cute / adorable (if I'm allowed to use the second word). Were it not almost 7 in the morning, I might have more on the same topic to say, but that would likely require this entry to be protected so I could be more specific, and that's two things against it for now.

Other than that, what bits and pieces of interest remain? I learned several new colorful phrases from Squeeze's cousin tonight, because we were all playing Smash Bros. together, and she came up with some new random string of words or name to call me (a certain somebody will know exactly what I mean when I say "hobknocker") whenever Squeeze ran out of lives and it was just she and I left. Going to Heart and Stroke also went well, apart from being a little tired, but I didn't go to H&R Block, in spite of leaving at 4 to do just that. I had a really cool, satisfying dream while I was taking a nap about browsing through some shoe store with Mom and Naomi, and finding not only amazingly colored string to use for bracelets, but also fuzzy slippers, and I believe socks that matched them perfectly, which was cool just for the whole feeling of abandoning the idea of not buying them so I wouldn't risk being caught buying something that wasn't necessarily marketed to guys, and just buying them because I liked them. Squeeze told me she had a dream last night about me giving her one of the rainbow bracelet sort of things that I have hanging from my belt loop, which is kind of neat (I've had dreams involving friends before, but none of them have ever said anything about having a dream with me in it), and otherwise... that might just be it, so I can lay down to go to sleep now. I'm sure 1pm will come much too quickly, so I'd like at least an hour more than last night, if possible~

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