Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Didn't Expect This

What can I say of things since yesterday afternoon? How about that outside of work, things didn't go as I was expecting to. I talked to Squeeze when I got home, and our conversation was interesting and for the most part new in what we talked about, but right near the end, she asked a certain question. My answer to it was not what she was hoping to hear, and things rather fell into an irreparable state from there, and she's been offline since. I tried talking to Dan about some of what happened, and I think that helped to put enough of those things aside that I can go to work without being entirely beside myself, but compared to how I felt yesterday, this is quite a change. I don't like it. I want things to be all better again, but I don't know if that could be accomplished in their current state.

In slightly better news though, work yesterday night did go well. It was frustratingly busy at first, but I was still able to get all of the dishes and other side work caught up before the end of the night, including some incredibly tedious extra cleaning, which anybody who messes up again will get an earful. Mary suggested I just "shove my foot up their...", and you can guess the last word, but I'd rather go the route of just making a point to say that I had to scrub away for a good ten minutes, and it wasn't easy. I suppose in a way I'm hopeful that the same thing happens tonight, but it's supposed to be busier, due to St. Patrick's Day, as I'm sure I said before, so... we'll see. Prior to things turning sour, I did tell Squeeze that I kind of hoped it would be really busy, so I could be justified in listening to music on my PSP at the end of the night, but then our conversation didn't end the way I expected, and I don't think I could do that now as such. That's all I really want to say for today though. We'll see what happens as the night goes on~

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