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Karadur Inacu 

A More Sensible Decision

Oh, look, I've finally thought of something *un*related to the majority of things that happened last night to start this entry off with. Looking at our internet usage for the past couple months, I'm really starting to believe we could get by on the 300GB plan, which would certainly be better with me. $11 less a month is $132 over an entire year, which... adds up. I suppose for the time being though, I'll have to make a note to myself to check at the end of this month, and if the peak usage is still under 300GB, call to switch plans, and ask Naomi to consider doing any heavy downloading between 2 and 8am. It did occur to me that George and / or Brandon might eventually want me to download more TV shows, but... that would be a good reason to look at setting up uTorrent's scheduler. Apart from that, work last night was frustrating for how busy it got between 9 and 10, but I think it went well otherwise. The dishes were nearly all caught up when I got there, because James wanted to be out early after we closed, and indeed, we were out at ~12:40, which was quite fine by me. Just before leaving, I called Squeeze to let her know we were nearly done, then walked down to Grand Ave with James, and was off to home and then elsewhere myself from there.

Overall, I still can't really think of a good, concise way to describe last night. It was different, in a good way, but instead of trying to talk all about it without saying anything specific, let's just see here. As I was walking up to the apartment, I thought to myself that if it were nicer out, it would be fun if Squeeze were waiting for me up on her balcony, but it was pretty cold, so I contented myself with being let in on the first ring of the buzzer. From there, I went upstairs, and similar to my thoughts about the balcony, thought it would be cute if she was waiting at / outside the door for me, but she wasn't, and I suppose I can understand that. If our positions were reversed, I would want to keep things in the apartment initially as well. At any rate, I went back into her room, found her sitting at her computer, and said something I can't remember, before opening my arms and if I recall, saying "Alright. Come on then". She got up, and we hugged, for what felt like a good little while. The sort of hug where you put your head on the other person's shoulder, and kind of move it around after a bit, which was really nice. I made some comment about my ears probably being cold, which she said was alright, because hers were warm, then I asked how it felt to finally have a hug, and I only wish I could remember how she answered. From there, we sat down next to each other to play Trauma Center, but after a few operations, felt that both of our backs were getting too sore, so we laid back instead, pressed right up against each other, and that was quite nice as well. It's exactly how I pictured doing that when playing a game going, and I enjoyed just being in direct contact with her. Eventually, after a long string of C-ranked operations, we switched over to doing things on my laptop, and she ended up turning over on her side, and laying down on my shoulder, which I really liked too. I wanted to find some way I could rest my head against hers without it being uncomfortable, but I ended up having to settle for just brushing the side of my face against her hair a couple times, which I suppose is still something. It's funny, really. I meant to leave at 5am originally, because I wanted to be in bed and wake up earlier so I could be ready for going to Heart and Stroke on Tuesday, but 5:00 came, and neither of us wanted to get up, then 5:30 came, and I decided I would stay until 6, and I think I left sometime around then. Oh, and since she would never forgive me if I forgot to mention her, Butters decided she needed some attention while we were doing more of the cuddling thing too. She was a little inconvenient, to be entirely pointed, but as I thought to myself several different times, having her there gave at least me something else to focus and comment on, to avoid what otherwise might have been a bit of awkward silence. I gave Butters the rest of the crumbs of chips I brought over to share with Squeeze on Thursday last week, then we hugged - I had to bend down really far, because Butters is a small cat ;_; (I obviously mean it was actually Squeeze and I who hugged again though) - and similar to the first time, neither of us really wanted to let go. Well, I suppose for my sake I should say that I wanted more not to let go because I didn't want to see that end, but it was still really nice to hug her again anyway. Like I told her as well, we could start and end every night I go there from now on like that - possibly nights where Totts and Evo aren't around, but I think I'd be fine either way. After that, I had a nice windy walk home while I thought back and remembered, the night, then continued talking to her in Skype until 8am again. Technically ~8:15, because I noticed while reading back through our conversation (it's something I've been doing for a while now) that when I closed my eyes, I was tired enough to be able to faintly hear my mind rambling away about various things, which was kind of entertaining.

Overall, I truly did enjoy her company last night, and I like to think she'd say the same of mine. As it goes, she has English work and cleaning to take care of for the next couple days, but that's alright, as I'd like some time to think about and get used to all these new feelings. We were talking a bit about doing something again the Tuesday after next, because that's the deadline for her English work, so if that ends up coming together, there will be pizza and a little cake from Dominos to be had, and hopefully more of the same thing as last night. I may even tell Michele I won't be in the Wednesday after, so I can stay later, but... we'll see.

Now, well... I wish I had more time right now. I can think of a few more things I know I'd like to add to the above, if I could find a good way to work them in, but as it's turned out, Heather called about 20 minutes ago wanting to know if I could start early tonight, as Nicole isn't feeling well. So now I get to work 5 - close. Yay? It's more hours though, so as far as that's concerned, I can't complain~

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