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Karadur Inacu 

Thanks a Lot, Nicole

Here's a prediction... Tomorrow afternoon will eventually come, and I'll be at Heart and Stroke. When 5:00 rolls around, I'll head home, and find on the machine or be given a message from work saying that Nicole has once again become ill / called in sick, and they need somebody to cover her shift. I did that yesterday, and although it went well at first (Squeeze and her mom even came through the drive through, which was a really nice surprise), I was figuratively dead tired by the time I finally got to washing the last of the dishes. Maybe that was mostly because I didn't get enough sleep, and the original idea was that I'd be more tired and want to to go bed earlier, to be up in time for going to Heart and Stroke, but it was just about 6:00 when Squeeze finally asked if I was up for having a voice chat, because she wanted to keep talking but felt like laying down, so we ended up talking until 8:30 again, and I told Michele I wouldn't be in today, because I had too many things at home to catch up on. Where work is concerned though, I wish I could instate some sort of "Under no circumstances is anybody to call me on my days off" rule when I saw fit. Like I told Michele, it's been an interesting weekend, and although I've enjoyed it, it's left me little time for other things. Now that I have the time, well... perhaps I should start a new paragraph.

At work last night, I asked James who closed tomorrow, and he said it was Nicole and Mary. I jokingly told him that I could see Nicole still being sick, and them calling to see if I could cover her shift, then had a moment to myself when I realized that might actually happen, and indeed, it has. I'm pretty annoyed, because I was looking forward to actually having a full night to myself to take care of some things here and perhaps even go over to see Squeeze for a bit, if I got enough done in time, but now I'm going to work and... maybe it's for the best, because she did say she wanted to try to get as much of her English work done as possible tonight, because we have somewhat proper plans to do something again on Thursday night. Unfortunately, as I realized at some point while we were talking yesterday, Friday this week is the day we have haircut appointments for, so I wouldn't be able to stay as late as I did last Thursday. 5am at absolute latest, and even that's cutting it close if I'm to have a shower before going to bed at home, but I'll take whatever we can get. In the meantime, however, I think the one thing I'll need to try for is not being up until almost 9am again tonight. I like the reasons for why that happens, but it happening when I have to be up at 1 the next afternoon would not be good.

In only slightly less related news now, I'm a little disconcerted at the newest entry I see on my friends page. It's from Dan, about feeling depressed, and wondering about continuing to host furmeets there, what with thoughts about moving back to Oshawa to live with his parents. I wish my train of thought wasn't so utterly sidetracked (that actually makes sense...), because he's been there for me enough times that I'd like to be able to ask him "What is it about living in Toronto that you're not sure about anymore?", but just... I can't see myself being able to concentrate on both at once. For what it's worth as well though, part of me can't help but wonder if it isn't related to a few things he told me when I was talking to him about the situation with Squeeze back on Saturday. In her own words last night (with no prompting from me whatsoever), "I feel kind of bad in a way.. like I stole you away from him somehow~". The idea that there are not one but two people out there who like me in that way is something I hadn't considered before, but even then, it's really, really a stretch to so much as think about putting that and Dan feeling depressed together. Also, it's a bit different in the way it sounds, but since I'm not going to be able to work this in anywhere, Squeeze said this last night, which I really liked: "You're the most sweet and amazing guy I've ever met.. and I feel so special that you feel the way you do about me~". That makes me feel really good, and I told her I definitely feel the same way about her, but now that I look at it, it's the latter part that really applies. If you're reading this, Squeeze, consider that a correction, because it would be kind of weird to make that as I would anything else now...

Other than that though, I've already called work to tell them I can work that shift tonight, and maybe I'll just be a little more pointed and short for it. I don't really want to work six days in a row (and there is absolutely no way they'll be calling me in on Thursday), but I do, so just... I'll get over it. I need to go shave right now though, because that's one thing I can't overlook~

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