Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Another Quick Entry

A small part of me can't deny that there may still be more to this situation than I'm aware of, but because Squeeze said that isn't the case, and I have no reason to not believe her, our friendship means too much to the both of us to see it ruined from what's happened. When I got home from work last night (which was the most difficult shift I've worked in a long time, for obvious reasons), I found a couple messages from Squeeze, to share a link to a picture, and more importantly, say that she had a gut-wrenching feeling I wouldn't be in the mood to talk. We talked anyway though, because my mood was better than she assumed. For another four hours, we talked, and a good two and a half hours or so today as well. The main theme to our conversations was not wanting to lose our friendship, and indeed, as the image I looked up to show her said, everything turned out better than expected. I am at least not completely over the way I feel yet, but just... this did not turn out the way I was expecting it to.

Unfortunately, I have to head off to work now, which I figure should be another fun night. Not as bad as yesterday, hopefully, and I certainly have interesting and good things to tell to Manoah, but I have a feeling that last night only seemed to end well because I wasn't in the best mood. Now that I'm in a better mood, there'll probably still be piles of dishes at the back at 3:00. Time to go find out, I suppose~

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