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Decisions decisions...

Woke up at 5. Stayed in bed 'till 6. Yes :3

It's 9 right now, and at first I really wanted to go upstairs and ask Mom if we could run to Wendys or something, because I'm hungry, but then I got to thinking: there are still a couple hamburgers in the fridge. I figure I might just eat those, then see if we can't run by Sobeys or 7-11 when Dad calls to be picked up from work. Not that I need to. I'm just bored, and that's about the only thing that'd get me out of the house this late at night~

One annoying thing though that occurred shortly after I woke up: Adam said something about Josh wanting to chat with him on his 360, so he hooked up his headset, and they talked for a bit, then just out of nowhere, Adam says that Josh wants to know if I want to go to his house tonight. No. He can come here, or nothing at all. I have a feeling one of these times he's going to ask why I always say "No", and eventually, I'm just going to tell him "All you do is play games on your 360. You ask me to go to your house, and I assume there's a reason you want me to come over, but more often than not, we sit there doing our own individual things, which is absolutely pointless." Meh...

Anyways, other things. Sent an email off to SPark before leaving for work yesterday, to ask whether that tail would be in a box or not (stupid question, yes, but I wanted to make sure :s), and the answer was obviously "Yes", so that's a relief. Now to wait 'till next Friday, or some day close to it~ The only problem I have now is figuring out some way to tell everyone "If you happen to be walking through my room and see this, it's mine, that I found on the internet, so don't touch it."

I also need to find somewhere to get a charger for GBA Micro. I had one, but it's either up in my room somewhere (unlikely, seeing as I cleaned it not too long ago), or it's somewhere else in this house. Reason being that I want to start a new game on Megaman Battle Network 2, after thinking about how fun it was, and even though the lights on my Micro still flash blue when I turn it on, chances are it doesn't have that much power left :\

Well... forget that. 10 right now :p Might as well just eat those hamburgers, then head to 7-11 later or something. There's always tomorrow night :3

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