Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Something is Wrong With This

I slept 'til after 5pm today. Yeah. Know what I blame? Several late nights / early mornings in a row. On Sunday, I didn't get home until ~7:30, and didn't get to bed until about 8. On Monday, I left at about 8, and if I recall, didn't lay down to sleep until 10. Tuesday / yesterday, everybody was over at Squeeze's place, and we all stayed until ~7:30, and I had to have not left until about 8, because I wanted to stay around and talk a bit / give her a hug, and then I finally called it a night at about 9:30. Maybe I shouldn't be surprised, but that just wasn't what I was expecting when I woke up, saw that the time was ~3:30, and laid back down telling myself I could sleep for a little bit longer. It should come as no surprise as such that instead of wanting to go over there after work tonight once again, I'm going to take the night to myself, just to take care of things here. PSP backups were interrupted a few minutes ago when I accidentally unplugged my PSP, and I need to get to bed a little earlier than I have been, and I'm considering bleaching my hair once again, so... yeah. There's lots that I could do, and Squeeze also has English work to get going with again, so perhaps a night of our own activities will prove beneficial.

Setting that aside though, how can I say in just a few words that last night didn't go as expected? I didn't even plan to be over there for a third night in a row, for one, but once I learned Totts and Evo were on their way over, I quickly decided that I wouldn't mind doing something once I was finished, so off I went, and at ~12:40, was on my way over there. It was a fun walk, because I was carrying heavy bags, and when I got there, well... I wasn't sure what to expect. Squeeze met me at the door, but I initially told her to feel how heavy the bags were, and then gave her a hug as we were passing through the kitchen, and then... Based on what I said yesterday, you wouldn't think anything would have happened between us with them there, but it did, eventually. At first we were just touching feet, and Totts observed that we were "playing footsies", and joined in herself. At some point after that, I noticed Squeeze had her arm / hand up behind my head, so I reached up to hold it, and we laid like that for a good little while, then I somehow decided it was a good time to tickle her, and things pretty much went out the window from there. We were pretty well full-on cuddling when her alarm clock went off, and Totts observed that we looked "so cute", and that was all without saying anything about recent (within the past week) developments. To make it even better, we all got ready to leave at the same time, but instead of heading downstairs with them, as Totts even directly asked about, I chose to stick around (without even having to think about it) to give Squeeze a long hug / several kisses / more tickling that was honestly pretty adorable, and only after that, did I leave myself. Oh, well, I did go for a glass of water first, and to wait for a certain issue to go away (it's so fun), but where Totts and Evo are concerned, I imagine things were said, and I'm alright with that. In a way, I'd rather they drew their own conclusions about what was going on and brought them to her / I / us, so we could then correct them without having to say "This is what's going on", and risk botching things up. For what it's worth, I still feel fine about where things stand right now. There are bits of anxiety here and there, mostly related to not knowing what's to come, but compared to the first couple times we cuddled, where for the next couple days I felt really sick to my stomach, the only feelings in my stomach now are of hunger, because I haven't actually eaten anything today. I did get a couple breakfast wraps from Tim Hortons on the way home, I suppose, but I ate those before I went to sleep.

That aside though, there just hasn't really been enough going on today to say much more. I talked to Squeeze, got another package, was asked by mom if I wanted any hamburgers (I told her I'd save them until I got home from work), and other just general things like that. I do have to leave now though, so that'll be all for now~

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