Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Kind of a Weird Day

Although the title feels relevant, when have I not had a weird day lately? Wednesday had to be the most normal, but then Thursday started off kind of odd with how much more juice I bought, then ventured into the unexpected but interesting and fun when I was over with Squeeze, and I didn't get to bed until ~10am after that. I'm still not sure what to make of that, but this afternoon was especially fun, because I did not wake up until ~4:30, when normally I drift out and back into sleep at least once before waking up proper. In any case though, I figure the circumstances of last night are largely to blame. As stated above, I enjoyed being there again, but didn't expect the night to go quite as it did (to name a couple memorable moments, my nose pretty well went into her eye while I was trying to kiss her forehead - she had a fit of giggling over what her initial reaction would've been - and she also called me "boy"...), and then things when I got back home were interesting too, but I'd rather avoid specificity, because we may not have done as much as I'm making it sound like. Or maybe we did. I definitely like misdirection.

Apart from that, I'm just hoping I have enough time to finish writing this before going over my usual leaving for work time, then it's off to work for the first of my four closes with Heather. Lucky me. I am looking forward to them, because it's something new, and new is usually interesting in a good way, but I'm not sure how my body will end up feeling about going on only six hours of sleep, and I don't plan to bring an energy drink either. If the night goes well, I may stop at Tim Hortons on the way home, but that reminds me of something that Squeeze informed me of just earlier. We arranged somewhat of a trade last night. My shorts have been more and more falling apart for the past many months, to the point where they needed to be fixed, but I lack the knowledge to fix them myself, so she offered to. It's a good thing I bought those yoga pants from Giant Tiger a couple days ago, because it would've felt weird to not have something on underneath my pants, which means that yes indeed, I handed her my shorts, and away she went. At the same time, I sat down at her computer, and started going myself. That is, started renaming her TV show episodes so they'd all be consistent, since I seem to be good at that. I ended up sitting there for a good five hours, and only after everything was said and done, realized I'd renamed an impressive 932 files. They're done though, and my shorts are also repaired, but guess what? I forgot them over there, which just figures. I kind of wanted to try wearing those new pants underneath my uniform pants for at least one night at work anyway, so now I have no choice but to do that, and I may well take an unscheduled detour on the way home to pick up my shorts, and see Squeeze for a bit. That is, I should, but I have a feeling that if I do, we're going to end up sitting / laying down for a bit, and because today is only Friday, I'd like to see myself asleep by 7am. As for where I was going with that at the beginning, I figure that if I do go over there after work, I can either go to Tim Hortons on the way, or stop there on the way home, or just take going there in general as the special thing for after work tonight.

Long paragraph aside though, it's now quarter after 7, which means I should be getting ready to leave, so is there anything else I can mention? Brandon has paid me back the full amount that he owed me, which is good, and Tom should also have his $40 for me tomorrow night, which I'm looking forward to as well, and... yeah. Same as I told Squeeze last night (and ended up restating this morning because what I said originally could've been taken the wrong way), I'm starting to make a more focused effort not to get caught up in these good things. It's not that something bad *is* just around the corner, but I prefer my mood to remain stable. I have to figure working for the next four days will help with that though, so... off I go. The first question on my mind is whether or not Heather will even be there, because she may well not be...

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