Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Getting Out of Hand

To get right to the main thing tonight, I slept 'til ~5:30pm today. Yes. When I first woke up, I checked the clock on my laptop and it said it was only a couple minutes after 4, so I was relieved at first, but apparently it was just frozen on that time, and indeed, a bunch of other things were messed up along with it (such as Skype having completely frozen), so when I finally got it to update, I was slightly more chagrined to see that it was already just after 5:30. Again, yes. Because that wouldn't have happened otherwise, I obviously went directly to Squeeze's place after work last night (well, I stopped by Tim Hortons first), and Evo was there, and he said there was some macaroni on the stove for me, which was quite appreciated. Maybe they didn't see it in that way, but for food to be prepared for me when I'd decided only a couple hours before that I would be over there made me feel special, and indeed, it was nice to have something hot to eat, as I otherwise would've waited until I got home and prepared some bagels / English muffins. Food obviously gave me a reason to actually stick around for a bit though, and once I finished eating, I flopped down on the bed next to Squeeze, as I usually do, and we began to hug / cuddle. Evo left shortly after that, because it was quarter to 5 already, and when Squeeze and I went back to her room, I turned off the light, and we resumed what we had been doing. I noticed then that it was only just after 5am, and I told her I would give myself 'til 7 at latest, which would still be two hours. Cue an hour and a half flying by in what felt like maybe twenty minutes, and the other half hour going by none too slowly itself, and I was still laying there, because I didn't want to get up. I figure by the time I finally left, it was around 7:30, which isn't bad, but then I got home, and more things happened. There was something initially that I can't describe because of its nature, and because if it being largely spur-of-the-moment, then I talked to her for a bit, and she went to bed, and I commenced with laying there for almost an hour reading back through some of our older chats.

To start a new paragraph here, only because I don't want this entry to just be one large paragraph, I really have to just sit back and smile looking at how things have progressed between us. We started out just getting to know each other, and it was nice (at least for me) to have / be talking to a friend in the same city (because Totts hadn't added me to her Skype list yet then), then I installed Skype, and we got to know each other better / feel closer as friends, then we slowly but surely turned into best friends, and now, we're seeing each other (which I feel is worth pointing out, because I feel good / happy to say it now). It's fun how much things can change in about half a year, isn't it? I look back at those old chats, and see her talk about how she feels like she's always there for other people, but nobody is ever there to care for her, and, quite notably, how she is a "timid girl", and thus needs a timid guy, and I just wonder how much of that is what brought us together. I don't know that I'm always timid (unless that's covered by being reserved / keeping to oneself), but I like to think even just through talking about things / being there for her, she has one more person who cares for / wants to be there for her.

That said though, it's time for my usual late leaving for work thing. Rather frustratingly, Heather never showed up for her shift yesterday, so Mary had to come back and close, which ended up not being busy at all, so I'm really, really hoping Heather does show up tonight, and it's ridiculously busy for our whole shift. Spiteful? Yes. I would absolutely take the opportunity to rub it in by saying "I can't believe this. Last night was completely the opposite with how busy it's been". I wonder if I'll get that chance~

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