Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
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Using a Different Computer~

Kind of interesting circumstances again here. It's 5:30 in the afternoon, and I'm still at Squeeze's place, after having been here since ~3:30pm yesterday (apart from going to work). I do have to work tonight, which is somewhat unfortunate, but it shouldn't require much guessing to know where I'll be coming back to again after that. Well, technically I'll be heading home first to collect my laptop and such, then giving her a call so she can meet up with me along the way and help me to carry some heavy things I have for her and Evo. After that, who knows? Maybe I'll end up staying the night here again. I was quite uncertain if that would happen yesterday, because it seemed at first that she would be going grocery shopping with her mom in the morning, but then she decided to cancel that for today, and now they're going out in a bit, and I'm getting a ride to / being dropped off at Giant Tiger, because there are some things there that I want to get.

Setting that aside for a moment, let's go back to work yesterday. Guess what happened again? That's right. Heather called in / didn't show up, and as I supposed, Mary had to cover her shift. Fortunately, it wasn't busy, and we were able to easily complete our respective tasks, and still be out of there at ~12:30. Still, it felt like kind of a long night for about the same reasons I woke up in a difficult state yesterday. Coming here and just being with Squeeze helped alleviate some of the anxiety / uncomfortable-ness that came from what I was writing about in my entry yesterday (we had a voice chat when I got home from work on Saturday, and she ended up guessing at something very personal that I wasn't anywhere close to ready to tell her), but then I went to work, and all of that relief went away. I ended up calling her shortly after my shift started to say "It's still uncomfortable, so I want to actually talk later", and I don't know that we really talked about the matter, but I'm pretty sure I somewhat reasonably communicated being unprepared and feeling awkward as such. Still, that pales in comparison to what we actually did. To repeat the words she used to tell Audra (a close friend she's known since childhood), we "Made out hardcore, then dry-humped". Yeah. Yay for us. I can definitely say that it was enjoyable too, but on that brilliantly specific note, I'm going to wrap this up, so I'm ready to go when her mom gets here. Now to think of a title...

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