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How to Say this Nicely...

Dad never ceases to amaze me. He got home from work tonight, and said something about how earlier on in the day, he was typing something on his computer, and he accidentally typed a lowercase "b". Then when he went to press backspace, everything turned blue, and his two months of work was lost.

I suppose he could've gotten a BSOD, but had that happened, his file would still be there, just not with whatever changes he made since the last time he saved it. So right now, I'm assuming he typed the "b", somehow selected everything, then pressed backspace. What I don't understand is why, after accidentally doing that, he saved it. So I tried using the most recent System Restore point, and it didn't do anything, but I can't really say I was expecting it to either, seeing as it specifies that personal documents and whatnot won't be changed.

I highly doubt it's anything that'd take two months to retype, but with him, you never know :3

... my God. Just got done having a shower (it's about 7:30 right now :s), and I realized "Hey. Dad's probably up, so I could give him his money." Went to get it, only to find that where there used to be $115, there's now $55. The three fives are still there, but I only have two twenties. Really sad. And here I thought things were finally getting to the point where I could hide stuff like that wherever, and have it still be there when I went to retrieve it / them. Feh. I plan on asking Mom or Dad if we can run up to Walmart sometime this afternoon, so see if I can find a charger for my Micro (for it is a necessity, you know~), and it looks like now I'll be needing to stop by the bank along the way.

I should probably care more about this, but if one thing's been proven by now, is that nobody in this house cares anymore if something gets stolen. If such a thing happens, the only thing that ever gets said is "You should've hid it better." And in a sense, I suppose it's my fault as well for leaving it in such an easy to find place (in the pillowcase on my top bunk here), but still... it just shouldn't be coming to the point where I have to repeatedly find new places to hide things if I don't want them to get taken :\

So yeah. For now, bedtime. Probably sleep 'till 4 or so, then see about going to Walmart, and EB Games if necessary, stop by the bank on the way home, then spend the rest of the afternoon lazing about, hopefully playing Okami, seeing as I never got around to it tonight~ Yeah, it's St. Patrick's day tomorrow, but the only things I can see myself doing are playing videogames, watching stuff on the computer, and drinking water and pop. Woo for being ridiculously boring :3

Oh, and one final annoyance. I've been trying, for the greater part of the night, to download a certain file from a certain site. Said site recently had a message posted on it, detailing that everything available on it was free, and although the owner(s) would like to keep it that way, they were having problems coming up with the money. Then it continued on, asking for donations and whatnot, and all that fun stuff. So I'd have to assume at first that they have a limited amount of bandwidth, which is probably why all of their previously released files were uploaded to Rapidshare. Then for no apparent reason, they uploaded the most recent one directly to the site :\

27MB file. I've been getting about ~5KB a second. It hasn't once gotten over 1MB downloaded without saying it was done, and forcing me to start again. Rapidshare might not be the best (if I could get Rapidrip to work with it, it might be), but it's certainly better than what they did.

Anyways, now it's time for bed. Let's hope things work out tomorrow :s

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