Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

It'll Be a Week Soon

Just before I get to what the title of this entry refers to, let me consider this my mental note that Evo wants the The Incredible Machine collection I have on my backups external hard drive. I told him last week that I'd bring it sometime this week for him, but entirely forgot, as I have a habit of doing with certain things like that. With luck though, even if I the second time, all won't be lost, because I plan to actually bring that external drive with me when I come back over here after work next Monday, so I can start on my backups then. Is it weird that I'm looking forward to doing those here? Maybe a little bit, but either way, I have those plans, and cabbage roll day comes immediately afterward, so that's two special things to look forward to during the weekend.

That aside now though, the circumstances today were / are slightly unexpected. Were it like last week, I'd be at home right now, quite possibly just waking up, but instead, I'm still here with Squeeze (she's sleeping at the moment), because I had a brilliant idea last night: provided she was alright with it, why not just have me go with her mom out to get breakfast, so I could pick up my uniform from work, then come back here, eat, then try to get some sleep while the two of them were out grocery shopping, go to work at the normal time, then stop by here on the way home to pick up my things? I ended up forgetting the uniform bit, unfortunately, but the rest more or less went / will be going as planned. I figure if I leave at 6:30, I'll have enough time to get home, unpack, talk to her for a few minutes, then be off, and if she's still awake / not busy later, stop by after work for another hour or two. The thing about that though is that apart from her having English work to get busy on, she to my knowledge does not have anything to be up for tomorrow morning, so I could theoretically stay here again. And if tonight, why not Saturday night as well? Then I wouldn't have been home for an entire week, and that would be... something. On our way back here yesterday night, Mom asked if I was officially living here now, which caught both Squeeze and I off-guard, because this is... just how it's been happening. I like being here with her, but the thought of having technically moved because I'm over here more often than I'm at home now is not something I had considered. I bought a train ticket to go to Toronto in May yesterday evening, and I'll be there for 8 days, but that doesn't mean I'm moving in with Dan. By no means is it a bad thing. It was just... unexpected.

In a slightly different direction now, I did buy a train ticket yesterday, as mentioned just above. It's hard to believe that's just over two weeks away. I mean, really. Two weeks is still a reasonably long amount of time, but I feel like there's so much to do. I emailed Cheryl yesterday to ask about cookies, and received a reply to say that she would like 2 dozen licorice, 1 dozen s'mores, 1 dozen Rolo, and 1 dozen Menage a Trois. Before the furmeet too, she requested, because she's supposed to be seeing Bungee on the 9th or 10th. Considering that the furmeet is on the 11th, I could probably do that. I just imagine I won't want to look at the kitchen for the rest of the visit after all of my baking is done. Tangent aside though, I bought a train ticket, so what else could be mentioned of yesterday? One thing that sticks out in my mind, to Squeeze's absolute dismay, if not disgust, was that Evo found a baby bedbug crawling on his pant leg, which sent her out to the balcony for an angry smoke. I really wondered if I shouldn't follow her out so she wouldn't be alone, but just stayed on the couch and felt a little awkward, then she came back in, the couch Evo had been sitting on was checked, and we all relocated back to the bedroom. After that, I had various parts of my body picked at with tweezers for a while, then Evo left, and we got into leaving fun marks on each others' necks, which I kind of hope Manoah will notice at work later tonight. If so, I'm supposed to tell him that we were doing "innocent non-molesty things", and... yeah. We showered together again afterward, which was a little more along those lines, and also made me feel nice and clean, which I needed before returning to work. Past that, I only want to take a moment to say that I like how according to Squeeze, I'm a natural when it comes to those sorts of things. Relevant experience before now has been utterly nonexistent, yet by just going with what feels right, things do go along pretty well. She will hate me for mentioning it (and I just told her as much), but there was also one point where I was effectively just playing with / rubbing her legs, and one of us farted. The look on her face was absolutely priceless, and I'll just leave it at that.

Needless to say, it's been an eventful better part of a week again, but in a way, I am looking forward to going back to work tonight, to have unrelated things to busy myself with for a little while. I might even start packing up now, so I'm ready to go come 6:30, but I'll get there. In a couple minutes, anyway~

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