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First Things First...

If I don't do this now, I'm not going to remember it, so yeah :p

All I can remember about how it started was that, for some reason, Manoah, from Taco Bell, now worked at Tim Hortons, so I called him up while he was at work, and told him I was going to be in to pick something up, then just before hanging the phone up, told him I didn't want cream on whatever I ordered :x Then my view suddenly shifted to some lady complaining about how she got Pepsi instead of cream in her stuff, and that she was pissed because of it.

Anyways, then we (me and Mom) got into the van, to go to the hospital, because for some reason, that was the only Tim Hortons that existed anymore. So we pulled into the parking lot, and I went inside and got to walking around, when I suddenly realized that I was on the second floor, when Tim Hortons is on the first (when in reality, it's the other way around), but I continued walking, and what would I notice coming up on my left? Yes. It was all dark though, as if they'd already closed. Erin (for whatever reason) was behind the counter, so I asked her what was going on, and she said they closed early, because the opening people would be there in less than 5 hours, and they still weren't done.

So I continued walking around, and found myself in a hallway that was sort of a mirror of the front lobby. Some kids came running around the corner, with a guy chasing them, saying things like "Come on Dad. If you want the keys you have to catch us." They had his keys for a vehicle or something, I guess. Then, for no apparent reason, he steps into one of the elevators, in which Mom also just so happened to be, then the kids accidentally dropped the keys, so I grabbed them, and was about to give them back to the guy when the doors closed. Then they suddenly opened and started closing again, all while the elevator was moving downward, so I tossed the keys in, and he scrambled to grab them, as if someone else was in there that was after them too :s

From there, the hospital just disappeared, and I found myself watching someone play a videogame, in which you had to use a parachute and gusts of wind to guide yourself through a long s-shaped cave. There were markings along the bottom of the screen indicating distance (10ft, 20ft, 30ft, etc., which is interesting, because up until working at Taco Bell, everything's been metric for me). Apparently there was some valuable reward at the end of the cave, but whoever was playing it could never get past a certain point, then suddenly, they went all the way back to the beginning, which was some sort of forest.

I started walking around in it for a bit (not in the videogame), and came across what I'm going to have to describe as a much more forceful version of Tumnas from the Chronicles of Narnia, and another animal of some sorts, which looked like a mouse, but was much larger than one :p They were talking about something that I couldn't quite hear, but then "Tumnas" said something to the mouse about it being the same thing he used to escape Ravenholm, whereupon I got an image of a) the saw blades in that area (in Half-Life 2), the cars that you can use to crush the zombies, except not on the rope, and light enough to shove around with the gravity gun, and the cherry bomb from Okami. Then the mouse said something about "Now I'll be able to see that guy again", referring to Father Grigori.

All three of us started walking away, when we came to a ladder that was held slightly off the ground. Once again "Tumnas" stomped down on the ladder, causing it to drop, so he could start climbing up, and we followed after him. He said something about how it was an incredible time and money saver. Interestingly enough, it was also like the sort of thing you'd see in a videogame, where although you yourself might know what you have to do with something, you won't be able to make your character do it until someone else shows you how. Before he showed us how to climb up the ladder, we had no clue what to do. They got to talking to each other again though, and I turned around to find a way out.

Somehow, the forest had somehow changed to the area just outside of Bubblegloop Swamp from Banjo Kazooie. Walked along the path, and after a couple seconds, looked up on my left to see two tigers or leopards or something laying on a branch. One of 'em started saying something like "Isn't this nice, love?", but after "love", my alarm clock started going off :\ Said cats almost looked like they were straight out of one of Blotch's newer pictures, minus the waterfall. A little bit of danger is alright, but life-threatening stuff is going a bit too far :s

I dunno though. Nothing last night was out of the ordinary compared to any other night (except I did play both Okami and Elebits before I went to bed), so it's really curious. One night, I have (or can't remember) no dreams whatsoever, and then the next, I have one (or two) like that, where I can remember everything.

But otherwise, just getting up right now. Got down here, plugged my laptop in, and opened it back up, to find that Josh had been trying to talk to me. Seriously, if my status is set to anything other than "Online", it means I'm not available for chat, for any number of reasons. I suppose I could've actually closed it all the way before I went to bed, but I had torrents downloading, so yeah~ Got to listening to Fchan Radio last night, to see what sort of stuff was on it, and Nightwish's "Beauty of the Beast" was played <3 Don't know if all their songs are like that, but hopefully. Have to wait 'till they're downloaded to find out though :3

So... 5:00. Work at 8. Me and Mark are there 'till 3 tonight, and John's there 'till 2. According to the schedule. I can say right now that he will be staying to help us close, but honestly, why do they do that? Is it really helping the hours that much, to not include one when you write the schedule? Maybe it does make a difference. I dunno. It just seems so... pointless right now :\

Anyways, time to play some more Avernum 4. The cave tileset is really getting boring, so hopefully I can find a dungeon or something this time :p

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