Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Left On Our Own

Here were are in unusual circumstances once again. Squeeze just left to go grocery shopping with her mom, but instead of being here on my own, it's currently Evo, Conner, and I, which is relatively unchanged. He's out in the living room putting a movie on for Conner to watch, and I figure that because I have only ~15 minutes to go, I might as well write an entry in here. Plans for tonight are pretty typical - go to work, then come back here (I could just as well say "home", considering recent events) and play games / do whatever else, but I'm a bit concerned about getting to work, because Evo said it was pretty warm outside. Maybe I'll have another shower after work. We ended up going for two yesterday, one before we went for supper, and the other after... activities later at night, but if a third later on helps me to feel clean and non-sweaty after the walk, I'd rather have that. I even feel kind of warm just laying here right now, but that could just be because I'm laying almost completely flat on my back.

At any rate, since many things were done yesterday, let's go back and look at that. For one, Evo seemed rather caught off-guard when I informed him that Squeeze and I would be going to shower together. Then he started going on a bit about what it was like when the two of them were together. That made me mildly uncomfortable, so I hid under the pillow and tried to laugh it off, but apparently she also gave him a "Stop talking now, please" look, which helped to learn of when I brought that up when we were talking after he'd gone home. Supper was really good, and to Squeeze's dismay, being the (in her words) skinniest person at the table, I still ate the most, consisting of six cabbage rolls, two buns, a heaping spoonful of potatoes, two bottles of orange juice, and two big pieces of cake. Yay. Then we left Evo there and got a ride from her mom out to Dollar Tree, to do some shopping. I considered looking at items of personal interest, but didn't, then got a ride on the back of the shopping cart, and urged Squeeze to try it as well, just to the end of the aisle. Following that, we went to Sobeys so I could look for Menage a Trois cookie dough (they didn't have any...), then back to Linda's (Squeeze's mom) place to round out the evening. I can't recall exactly what happened between then and ~1:30 - I know I worked a bit more on tidying things up on my laptop - but we got tired, and almost went to bed early. We got to talking though, and one thing more or less led to another from there.

...to put it this way, there's something else that I seem to just be a natural at. Said something is pretty intimate / private, but for it being only the second time that I've gone there, I'm rather surprised with myself, even. We definitely got pretty sweaty, but on the back of what, because it still stands out? Me indirectly telling her about the last of my main personal interests. Maybe that's not how she saw it happen, but up to that point, there was general kissing and such, but once I told her that, we really got into it, and... yeah. I quite enjoyed myself, and it seemed that she did too, and indeed, last night will have been the first time that she's ever sprayed the bed with Febreeze. Maybe I'm making too much out of a simple thing, but I found it amusing. Speaking of the bed though, it occurs to me that I should find time to make the bed before I go to work, so I'll just do that now. It shouldn't take too long~

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