Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

I Have No Time Again

If I want to have time to go to Dollar Tree before work again, I'm going to have to leave in about fifteen minutes, which is a problem today. I started writing an entry earlier, before Squeeze woke up, and actually felt in the mood to write, but then ~4:30 came, and she did wake up, and we ended up being occupied until just about 6pm. That was fun and all, but perhaps tomorrow I'll have to try for completely taking care of writing before she wakes up, and not being pressed for time come 6.

In short, though, since I haven't too long here, things have been interesting since yesterday. My first shift back to work was busy, and tiring, and there were a fair few dishes, but that's all relatively normal. I've been tired at work before, there have certainly been more dishes other nights, and it only makes sense that we'd be busier what with Summer approaching, but what I didn't expect was my body practically giving up on me. Sometime just before 11, I started feeling really tired and out of it, to the point where I couldn't even take orders / talk to customers at the window at the volume I normally talk at. At some point, I went to the back to continue with dishes, but another customer pulled up and needed a minute to look at the menu. I decided to use the time to put the roll of paper towel that was in the dispenser correctly, then everything went completely awry. I tripped over / slipped on the dustpan, which put me off balance, which sent me rapidly falling to the floor, and... yeah. I scraped my arm pretty decently, and my knee even worse (it hurts to bend, but not as badly as yesterday), not to mention cut my finger somewhat deeply, and... it was fun. As I told Squeeze when I got back home, with the way I was feeling already, had that happened here, I would legitimately have gone out to the balcony and cried over it. To make matters even better in a way not directly related to me, James started the night in seemingly normal condition, but by the end, was visibly ill. Sneezing alot, and rubbing his nose on his shirt to the point it was red, so I rather expect to go in tonight and see Mary as the closing manager. That's fine though. So long as I can be as or more awake than I was yesterday, I should be able to get by.

At any rate, while I also now wish I had the time for a shower, I should try to get ready to leave. Going to Dollar Tree isn't vital, because we were just there yesterday, but I still want to. I only hope my knee cooperates to the end of me making it there in decent time~

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