Karadur Inacu  (karadur) wrote,
Karadur Inacu 

Just An Off Day

...because I should try writing something before it gets to be too much later, things today...

Squeeze is in kind of an off mood. Apparently although she slept last night, she doesn't feel like she slept at all, and Conner has been anywhere from calm and quiet to agitated and crying throughout the afternoon. I, however, am feeling mostly okay at the moment. I first woke up a couple minutes before 3, had to wait for Squeeze to get out of the bathroom to go myself, then ended up snuggling / falling asleep with her for nearly another hour. That was nice, and the dreams I had during that time were interesting (not that I can remember any), and then things just kind of went off again. Due to it being ~4:30 when I woke up after that, I didn't want to go back to sleep again. I was not in a position conducive to sitting up and doing things on my laptop though, so I must have laid there for a good half hour before finally deciding to tell her I was getting up for something to eat. After that, I ate and watched about 20 minutes of a longplay of Doki Doki Panic on Youtube, procrastinated with other things for a bit longer, and am now writing this. I'd like to leave for work no later than 6:45 again, because with how warm / humid it is out today, I'll need time to sit down and cool off first, but before that, there are a couple other things to write about.

For one, I feel bad. For two or three days now, I've had a message in Skype from Dan that's gone unread, because I'm worried as to what it might say. Specifically, prior to mentioning it in my second most recent LiveJournal entry, Squeeze was the only one who knew I was strongly considering heading home a day early. Sure, where all fairness and whatnot is considered, me going home early is rather understandable, and hardly an affront, but I feel like it's kind of rude to him to plan to visit for that long, only to end up going behind his back and leaving a day early. Maybe his message is entirely unrelated though. Maybe it's something to do with the zoo, or just a simple "Hello", but I haven't checked, because I worry too much, and yes.

As to the second thing, I have a bit of a dilemna on my hands concerning a package. When I went home last Friday, I found two packages waiting for me, and it seemed only right to take them along, and eventually agree to having Squeeze take them back to her place, so I wouldn't have to carry those home in addition to everything else. At first, I thought they were both the same type of item, but when I actually looked through a tear in the packaging of one, I saw that it was something different - an article of clothing, to put it that way. I've wanted to open it for a couple days now, but being that I have it here, I'd like to show Squeeze as well, but I'd also like to know that she's interested in what's inside before I do that, because it just seems right. The same could be said of other things I have here but haven't gotten into yet either. I'm actually considering just taking those home when I go home (back to our house, that is) to do laundry tomorrow, so that way they're more sensibly stored and don't have to bother me to leave here, but I haven't actually decided on that yet. To try and put this a non-complicated way, it's like several times before, when she was asking me if she should do something related to a certain color. I usually say "If you want" or "Sure", to which she responds by saying that she's looking for something a little more definite. I can understand it from her point of view, but when it comes to my things, I wonder if she realizes that's one of the reasons we haven't effectively had a repeat of what we did the night before I left again. And she's behind me kissing my back all the while that I'm writing this. Yay.

At any rate, I have about twenty minutes left if I get ready at quarter-to, so this is going to be finished here. I need to find something to drink, anyway~

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