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My Mind is Elsewhere

Just a general quick entry here, because I don't want to miss another day, but am not sure how much I have to say at the same time. Compared to yesterday, I feel more awake and alert for one. Having to get up early to go to Tilbury was pretty difficult, and then I unexpectedly fell asleep for a short nap when I got back home. Work ended up being kind of busy, but not enough to prevent us from getting out at a decent time, and... yeah. Squeeze and I talked about certain things before we went to bed, because I'd said something earlier in the afternoon that put both of us in an off state, and in a way, I feel like I'm still somewhat caught in that mindset. I'd really like to have the night off to just lay here talking about whatever comes to mind, and while I imagine Tom would be willing to pick up a couple hours by staying to close for me, I wouldn't do that. It's just... slightly difficult, but I'll get by.

In other news, nothing much comes to mind. I was getting all excited earlier about being able to hear talking (presumably coming from the park), because there's just something about knowing other, bigger things are going on elsewhere, while we're just busying ourselves with our own things, but said noise has now been replaced by kids playing somewhere just outside. I suppose I might have to walk through a fair crowd of people on the way to work again, but that's fine. I should end this here though, so I can get ready to go. The bed is a mess again, so I would like to make it before I actually head out~


*waves back*

Assuming this is to do with the lack of entries for the past quite a while, I am still alive in the active sense. My priorities have just changed, to the effect of talking to / doing things with Squeeze being more important than writing entries (imagine that <3).

I do want to start getting back to writing eventually - maybe once a week or so - but for the time being, there's just this entry, and two others newer than it, but protected for what they concern~